Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Supposed to rain???

5/5/08 Monday
Boy it’s been busy the last few days. There is supposed to be rain coming so we are pushing to get as much seed in the ground as possible. Saturday Don and Cynthia brought us the sleeper sofa they are replacing and gave to us. With them came his daughter and her husband, along with their two adorable kids. We needed all of them to carry the sofa in and our old one out. The old one had been Cherie’s grandmother’s and was real nice at one time. The puppies kind of changed that.

Showing Don’s daughter our garden just brought home how far behind I am. The tiller is such a blessing but works faster than I can plant seeds. They have a garden too and lots of plants are already up and growing.

With them here I finally had the help needed to get that greenhouse out of the garage. It took four of us to carry it and we had to go the long way around cause the greenhouse is so wide. I spent much of the day tying it down. Ran two ropes over the top and attached them to stakes driven deep into the ground. I also drove a bunch of stakes inside that I screwed to the greenhouse frame and put lots of screws from the clear panels into the frame. Hopefully this will help the greenhouse survive the sixty MPH winds we sometimes get out here.

Yesterday Cherie put another coat of primer on the living room wall and painted the ceiling as well. A friend from church came over the other day and they spent the day painting. It was good for Cherie to have someone over to talk and do things with. Really helps lift her up. After that she came out and helped me with the garden. We both worked till dark. Actually I worked well after the sun set finishing up the cantaloupe and watermelon I was putting in. Regardless, Cherie put in a full day for sure.

I just got back from the landfill. Picked up an eight foot piece of a telephone pole and loaded it in the truck. That hurt so I’m laying down for a bit. Then it’s back to putting seed in the ground.

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Amy # said...

I love your greenhouse! I am jealous! I want one just like that, but haven't had any luck stumbling across one.

I just posted some new pictures of our land, if you want to go over to my blog and take a look....