Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another blessing

5/7/08 Wednesday
Yesterday was not productive at all. We went to Big Spring for my appointment at the VA hospital at 11:00. The first thing was to get lab work done which required drawing my blood. They had a hard time finding a vein as they always do. When they finally found one on the top of my hand the blood was full of bubbles but the nurse said it would be alright. We went to Al’s Barbecue for lunch. I had discovered it when I came to get my eyes checked and a new pair of glasses. Great food to say the least. Cherie said the glasses I picked out looked like women’s glasses and regretted not coming with me. Hell, I don’t know and have no fashion sense, besides my eyesight is so bad that I can barely see the frames on my face when checking them out because the frame samples don’t have lenses in them. So I won’t wear them in public. Besides how Cherie says they look the bi-focal lenses are disconcerting and I think the bottom part is too high, putting the line right in the middle of my sight. So they are reading glasses now.

Anyway, the lab didn’t get enough blood so the called my name and told me to go back up to the lab. Great, another poke and hope session with a needle. They only had to poke me about three times to find blood. Then we had to wait till they ran the tests before I could go in and see the doctor. He said the tests look fine other than an elevated something that is because of the hepatitis I had. However when I showed him the callus kind of thing that is between two of my toes he said that will need to be looked at by a specialist. They will do a biopsy of it. Interestingly, the doctor was from our neck of the woods in Ohio and is very familiar with Toledo and Temperance, where my house was.

So I didn’t get anything planted yesterday. I can’t remember anything about Monday other than what I wrote. I know I didn’t get anything planted then either. I think much of the day was spent working on the greenhouse but am not sure.

There was a big grass fire a few days ago. I know because I found these pictures I took. This one took out about 9000 acres. We could see it from the house.

I am so tired already. It's only 3:00. I'm at Janie's with Cherie. We didn't make it over here yesterday because of spending the whole day at the VA hospital.

I just got a call from K’s Chimney. They are the ones I found with the best price on the chimney elbows we need to finish that job. They had a big price hike but he said he would sell me the elbows at his cost. I’m waiting for him to call back with the shipping costs and final price.

Well, Art from K’s Chimney called me back pretty quick. He is selling me the elbows at his cost. We talked a bit about the price of gas and how it is affecting the price of everything else. I expressed my opinion that oil is being manipulated by the Muslim nations to further their goals of dominating the non Muslim world. Anyway, K’s Chimney had the best prices on everything related to our chimney needs and they also carry lots of other things including hearths and grills. Their website is and I encourage all of you to visit and see if they have anything you could use. They blessed us greatly. Now don’t you dare ask them to sell something at cost, you know that’s not right. He helped us because we had received a quote just before a major price hike and also considered the fact that I am a disabled vet and things are tight right now. Their regular prices beat out the competition as it is. So this is my shameless plug.

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