Friday, May 16, 2008

Hard to keep up

5/16/08 Friday
It’s hard to keep up. The pictures help me figure out what I did. Wally came over to help me move the bus and hook up the electricity to the garage. First thing we did, after looking at the chain hoist I borrowed from Chuck, was to run to Harbor Freight to look at their hoists. We found a four ton come along and bought that along with twenty five feet of chain. Moving the bus was a day long (Not quite, but it seemed like it) process of jacking the bus up, putting boards under the wheels, and pulling it inch by inch with the come along.

Then we would jack it up again and put more boards under, along with digging out some dirt. And it was back to the inch by inch pulling with the come along. The front tire was pretty much flat, which didn’t help things much. The back tires had some air in them but were also low. After sitting for thirty years I’m surprised there was any air in them at all. We got the bus out of the holes it was in and will try to move it more later after I air the tires up.

What else? I don’t know right now, just know I’ve been working hard on the farm/garden. I stay pretty tired and sore nowadays.

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