Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good news

Wow! I pushed the button right when the lightening flashed

7/2/08 Wednesday
The slowdowns are back. I suppose that’s the cycle of things. Woke up this morning feeling like I’d spent the night drinking. I haven’t used the “bob scale” in a while but right now I’m running a five on it. There is so much to do, I don’t have time to be slow or have this splitting headache so will push through as best I can.

So some good news!!! We finally got our satellite internet dish in. He came yesterday and worked on it till ten last night. Now we can go online anytime we want. I need to dig up the wireless set up we bought in Toledo three years ago. Back then I thought we could use it for that’s when Cherie and I both got our laptops. I couldn’t figure it out then so hope I can this time. The first problem will be finding it. Who knows what box or drawer it’s tucked in from our move down here.

I’ve spent the last two days tilling and making eighty hills for the five hundred cantaloupe seeds I found. I want to set up the drip feed irrigation for it so have moved the line I had stretched out for the Afghans over to the new area. The Afghans are done for with the exception of a few that I will hand water. I’ll need to run to the store and buy some parts for it. Being the first of the month we’ve got some money but must be careful with it. Have to pay for the satellite dish. By the end of last month we couldn’t get a hamburger much less gas. At least this month Cherie is working so that will help a bunch. Thursday we plan on using the Red Lobster gift card we got from the window company for letting them give us a quote. It’s worth twenty five bucks so will reduce the cost of that luxury a great deal. We’ll probably even get desert.

I can’t believe it’s 10:00 already. I’m just not moving well. Need to fix breakfast and get out the door. Will take some aspirin for the headache. Too bad I don’t have sunglasses any more. That would help me cope with how bright light drives the headache through my eyes.
Gopher, or some other critter, holes around watermelon plants.

There are fresh gopher holes at the bases of the remaining apple trees. We will be lucky if any survive through the year. There are four out of nine left and none of them look healthy. This is hard country for growing things. Doesn’t mean you can’t, you just have to work at it harder and smarter. Next time we get some trees I’ll try to find some of that fine mesh wire to put around the root boles and over the top of the ground. I think they call it hardware cloth. You don’t see it at the landfill much so hopefully there will be enough cash available to buy some. That’s the way it is, everything needs that little bit of cash to make it work a whole lot better.

11:47 - I fixed a big breakfast that will last me a while. Won’t need lunch till two or three. Still pretty slow. I got the Lynksys wireless thing hooked up ok. Fortunately it was easy, just plug in the wires and it works. Routing the wires was the adventure. Moving the computer out and crawling under the desk meant discovering long lost items and some major dust bunnies. It works. Now I must practice the self control that is necessary when it comes to internet access. I could spend days wandering through the matrix and find things I don’t need to waste time looking at. So I will try to limit my time, perhaps use the same alarm on my cell phone I use when running water to the plants.

Wish this headache would go away.

It’s a rough day. I’m glad and grateful that I haven’t had days like this for a while. Going back in the journal you can see where it was a regular event. I am sure that my brain is continuing to heal and rewire itself so that is why I don’t have this problem as much as I used to. Perhaps one day I won’t have it at all.


Amy # said...

Hey Bob, to save yourself time and water why don't you plant your cantelopes around and between the Afghans. You will do double duty in your watering.....just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to internet access. Looking forward to daily blogs again. Jen