Monday, July 21, 2008

Catch up

7/21/08 Monday
Catch up time for this journal. Saturday we hit the farmer’s market and sold out in minutes again. We didn’t have as many blackeyed peas this time as last but had them packaged up in one pound lots in freezer bags. I decided to ask for $4.00 a bag after seeing how anxious folks were for them last time and they sold at that price with no questions asked. After that we headed to a veteran’s benefits event that was being held in Midland. There were lots of booths representing many organizations offering services to veterans so we visited at each one. I am looking for all the resources we can find to get this farm going. Ended up joining the VFW after they said they would pay the entry fee. There are some programs they have that may help out with getting the house fixed up. Congressman Mike Conaway was there so I got to talk with him. He decided to “open a case” for me when I explained what we would like to do and that I could use some help finding and understanding the government programs available to help. I need to take the time to write up those dreams and plans we have so his staff can help us.

Church was good as it always seems to be. The lesson in Sunday school talked about perseverance. Wally was teaching and later told me he hoped I would speak up when he asked for others personal experiences involving perseverance, telling me that as he studied the lesson he thought of what I go through. I understand that but am not good at tooting my own horn, just am not comfortable with “Hey, look at how good I am”. Fact is I am constantly frustrated with my inability to accomplish goals and suppose I do practice a lot of perseverance because I keep getting up every morning and go at it again. There have been many emails and comments on the blog from folks who tell me what an inspiration I am. I am very glad I can have this effect and it gives value to my life but I know so many who have and do overcome so much more than I ever had to that I can’t rate myself that high. One of the goals I have with this blog is to illustrate the difficulties survivors of traumatic brain injuries face so others can be more aware and understanding. To do so I bare my soul, so to speak, I speak openly of my frustrations and failures but don’t do so to impress anyone with my ability to overcome these obstacles. I really don’t think I do that good of a job of it anyway. But I don’t quit so I suppose that’s good.

By the way folks, I’ve started writing in my What about Bob blog some now that we can go online any time we need to, so check it out. What I say may not set well with some but that’s the way it is.

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