Tuesday, July 15, 2008


7/15/08 Tuesday
This morning was filled with the usual frustration I have when I see how much of what I wanted to do, planned to do, and needed to do, did not get done. This was accentuated when I heard Cherie’s cry of pain and anger coming from the living room. The dogs had once again taken something off the kitchen counter and destroyed it. Usually they steal food or an occasional plastic cup or something but this time it was a wooden lamb that Cherie had bought for her now deceased grandmother years ago. It was something that had deep sentimental attachments for her, and something that can never be replaced. I got up and screamed at the dogs, sending them cowering to their room not knowing why they were in trouble. This always makes me feel bad and at these times I must work hard to not allow my anger to become physical.

The bad part of this is that the lamb was something I was supposed to hang on the wall long ago. It’s been sitting on the kitchen counter forever. I like the countertops in the kitchen clean without clutter and get upset at Cherie about it regularly so it was something I always noticed. But when I would look at it I couldn’t remember what the deal was. I know I was supposed to do something with it but not what. So it just sat there and got shuffled around when it was in the way. Now it is destroyed and I must take the blame for that. Just something else I was supposed to do and didn’t. I asked Cherie to please remind me of things like this as she left for work this morning. I am sure there are lots of things around the house that I should attend to but can’t remember a single one right now.

So we are off to a start. Not a real good one but it’s a start and I am up and moving. One of the sprinkler hoses blew last night. I had turned it on and forgot about it so it was running all night. God this constant forgetting drives me crazy and depresses me. I’ve been slow a lot lately so wander around lost more.

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