Thursday, July 10, 2008

warm weather is back

7/10/08 Thursday
One of the good things about Cherie working is it helps me get up and get going in the morning. Ninety degree temperatures are back so the nice run of cool weather is over for now. Last night Cherie couldn’t find our colander. We looked all over and it seems to have disappeared. Last week we couldn’t find the nice ceramic measuring spoons we bought to replace the ones you could no longer read the measurement on. After looking and looking Cherie said that she might have thrown them away during one of her fits of cleaning up. This is unsettling. If the colander was also thrown away I will be concerned.

Hopefully I will finish planting the pumpkins today. First I need to go into Stanton and take care of some things. One of those will be to get a copy of the division order where the mineral rights were legally transferred to Larry and I. It is another thing that the executrix of the estate, Virginia, failed to do. There are other things but I can’t go into them here.

I downloaded the pictures on the camera. I often find pictures that remind me of things I did and forgot. Last week I had dug up one of the rows of potatoes. Here is a picture of the total bounty that row provided. They are little bitty things. Not much at all, pretty meager pickings. It was disappointing to say the least considering these were the healthiest looking plants for a while. I know I read on how to grow potatoes several times but the problem is I forget what I read. Now that we can go online any time we need I can go back and read again to refresh my memory. It’s all a learning process so next year I’m sure we will do better. It’s easier to remember lessons learned the hard way, by doing them, not just reading about it.

That’s it for now. I fixed a big batch of French toast for breakfast so that should hold me for a while. Got places to go and things to do so bye now.
Yep, it’s hot now. I was weeding and it got to where every time I stood up I would get so dizzy I almost fell over. Good time to take a break. I got a lot done in Stanton. The best part was being able to get the two months of bank statements Virginia failed to include with the rest we had to force her to send. Reviewing them I was happy to see that everything was in order. I think the reason Virginia refused to send them was to just be pissey about it. She got upset when I called her on her brother stealing the washer and dryer and hasn’t talked since. I think that’s the reason she increased her executrix fee by fifteen hundred dollars to a total of two grand. That or just plain greed, who knows. She had originally said she would do it for five hundred and even put that in the paperwork. Of course part of what I was doing in Stanton was her job, getting the oil lease correctly registered with one of the companies that pays for what our well produces. They didn’t have a clue till I contacted them. It’s disappointing to see that someone you thought was good isn’t. When I would talk about how everyone went through the house taking what they wanted she would say “There was nothing of value in that house” as if that made things alright. If you steal a piece of candy that is only worth a penny you are still a thief. But that’s how folks justify things, make them alright in their mind. “It’s not worth much so it’s ok to take it”. Of course there was nothing of value in the house, everything of value was stolen.

But it was good to see everything was in order with the checking account.

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