Monday, July 07, 2008

It's good to know good people

7/7/08 Monday
It’s been a great weekend. After having the bad day and several slowdowns my fear was that the cycle of having periods of slowdowns that lasted for weeks had returned. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. The last few days have been cognately clear and yesterday I was unusually sharp, running a good eight or nine on the bob scale. What a relief that is. An interesting note (at least for me); the testing that Texas Rehab had me do showed an I.Q. of 93. While that is a far cry from the score of 136 (the bottom end of the genius level) I had when tested in high school it places me at the average for this country. Considering how many portions of my brain show up as black dead holes on the MRI’s I am very grateful, and blessed, to be average. Now I still have the difficulties of emotional control, social skills, understanding and interpreting others speech and actions, and memory loss but all in all I’m doing pretty good.

Saturday we planned to go to the farmer’s market and sell some of the blackeyed peas but didn’t make it out till eleven. I was out at 6:00 that morning picking the beans but it was too late to sell them. We enjoyed visiting with Matt and the professional photographer who has a booth there. He surprised me when he said he visits the blog regularly and was impressed with some of my photographs. I feel bad that I can’t remember his name at the moment but maybe he can leave it in the comment section if he sees this. Come on out to the market next Saturday and check out his stuff. Lots of great items with his photo’s on them and some framed pictures.

After visiting we decided to eat out. It’s nice to be able to do that and we can because Cherie is working. Her job is temporary and will only last a couple of weeks or so but she’s looking for something full time. Out here jobs are easy to find, so easy that Cherie can take her time and pick and choose.

So we’ve been seeing an advertisement on TV for a barbeque place called “Sam’s” that is rated one of the top barbeque places in Texas, or something like that. I’ve been wanting to try it so we went hunting for the place. I dimly recalled it was on Scharburer? (can’t remember how to spell it) so got on that road and drove till we found it. First of all it’s my kind of place, no pretension, small, homey, and simple. A neighborhood type of place where you can bet most of the patrons know each others name. BOY WAS IT GOOD!!! I’d say it’s the best barbeque I’ve had since we moved to Texas, and for that matter I can’t think of a better tasting barbeque in Ohio or Michigan. They didn’t have a big selection on the menu but they didn’t need one. The peach cobbler we had for desert was a great homemade type of desert, not at all like the commercial stuff you usually find. We will be back. By the way, I sold the lady who waited on us, I think she was an owner, a bunch of the blackeyed peas.

I don’t remember anything else that happened Saturday so let’s move on to yesterday. (Sunday) I had a big bin of the blackeyed peas so we thought it would be good to take to Sunday school and see if anyone in class would want to buy some. I got out early that morning to pick some more and as I did I got to thinking. We have been tremendously blessed by the friends we’ve made there. They have done so much to help us out, so much it would be hard to list it all. So selling them what they’ve helped me be able to grow just didn’t seem right. I mentioned that to Cherie and said “I’d rather give it to them, bless them a little for blessing us”. She was all for that too.

So I carried the big bin of peas in and encouraged everyone to take as much as they could. When I announced it Jen asked if she could set out a basket for love offerings in return. “I suppose” was my response. If I had sold it at the two bucks a bag we were going to ask for at the market we maybe would have earned thirty bucks. When I counted the love offering it was two dollars over a hundred. I didn’t count it till we got in the car after class and when I told Cherie how much was there she cried. “They are so generous, they are so good to us” she said between sobs. No question about that. It is good to know good people.

The weather has improved greatly. There hasn’t been a lot of rain, in fact hardly any though we did have a little a few days ago, but the temperatures have been in the high eighties instead of over a hundred. That’s a big help for the garden. Not only for the plants but much easier on me when it comes to working outside. Today I hope to get a whole lot done, of course I hope that every day. There is a chance of rain over the next few days and it’s time to get fall crops planted now that I know to do that, thanks Matt for letting me know.

Time to go to work.
I was going great guns all day but just ran out of steam suddenly. Part of that is a minor slowdown but I might have forgotten to eat lunch. Not feeling the sensation of hunger or having a sense of time makes it easy for me to do that. Add to the equation the fact that I have a hard time remembering if I ate and if I did, what I ate. So I just fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s 4:00 now so that’s past my naptime as well. I just want to keep on going but need to rest. Man, it’s frustrating to only be fifty two but have a body and mind that acts like it’s eighty.

I’ve been working on the pumpkin patch. It sure is going slow. Had to get the tiller out because despite the entire area having been tilled the ground is rock hard. This is from the rain we had a few days ago. After it rains the sun bakes the ground hard like clay despite it mostly being sand. So I’m loosening it up with the tiller. There are six different kinds of pumpkin seeds I have but each package only has fifteen to twenty seeds in them.

I’m having a hard time keeping my train of thought right now. My mind wanders into imaginary conversations with people whom I’d like to say a few things to along with just disconnected thought processes. I suppose a nap would be in order considering this is a part of the drifting off we often do when going to sleep.

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