Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/22/09 Sunday
Yesterday ended up in an upsetting way. Cherie complained of a heavy feeling on her chest and started taking her blood pressure several times in a row. It was high for sure. Then she said she was nauseas and felt weak. Finally she said “Take me to the hospital” so off we went. At the emergency room they took all kinds of tests and gave her an EKG. Nothing was wrong. The last test was for blood clots but the hospitals machine for that test was broken so they were sending it out to Odessa. That would take two hours to get a result back and we had already been there four hours so elected to not wait and go home.

It appears that Cherie had another anxiety attack. This is nothing new, we went through the same thing in Toledo and Cherie told me this has occurred several times over the last ten or so years. Every time there was no detectable problem. My opinion is that she worries herself sick, letting the anxiety amplify till it causes her blood pressure to spike. It settled right down in the hospital. She has high blood pressure anyway so there is a legitimate concern but this emergency room visit will cost us at least a thousand bucks. I’m glad she’s ok but not at all thrilled about the whole thing. However there’s no taking chances with something like this so I’ll take her to the hospital when, or if it happens again. Today she will stay home and rest. Perhaps this will motivate her to start exercising.

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