Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wore myself out

Just got back from working for the old man. That wore me out. I’m repairing some plumbing that was exposed when he put the new septic system in. It was one of those situations where you fix one thing and something else breaks. Several of the joints were not holding and blew out each time I turned the pump back on. One of them was my fault as I simply forgot to put glue on it at all. Duh!!! That isn’t terribly unusual as it’s easy for me to get distracted and forget where I was at. There was a lot of bending over so now I’m laying down after taking a pain pill. It’ll ease up in a bit.

I’ve been meaning to put a link to this blog, “Family life after a traumatic brain injury” It’s written by the wife of a man who sustained a TBI in 2007. She is his caregiver and support and writes well of the trials they go through. She reads this blog and we've emailed each other. Please drop by and give it a look. Real touching stuff and reminds me of my first couple of years though his injuries are more severe.

A television station contacted me and wants to come out and interview Cherie and I. They will come to the farm Sunday afternoon. That will give us some time to clean the place up.

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