Monday, February 16, 2009

Start of another week

2/16/09 Monday
It’s the start of another week and the number of things I need to do is overwhelming. I loaded up the truck with all of our garbage to take it to the landfill. As I put the last bag in and closed the door it dawned on me “This is Presidents day”. That means the landfill will be closed. Nuts!!! No way am I going to unload this stuff so it will stay in the truck till I get to the landfill. I did this last summer and two hot days in the sun ripened the garbage inside till I feared there’d be an explosion if a spark was struck. The back of the truck smelled for weeks.

I’ve been busy all morning, doing this and that as the need became apparent. As usual I haven’t started on a main task like sowing rye or mapping garden plots. Cherie’s been getting good at making lists of things for me to do and it helps a lot. I need to start making lists for myself as well.

Ginger puppy is a sweetheart, wanting to play and fit in. Rascal and Trixie are not excited at her presence and probably never will be. I keep them in check when it comes to how they act with Ginger. It’s about impossible to play with Ginger with them around so I’ve put them in the house so I could do so. It’s real important for Ginger to get lots of playing exercise for her development. Ben plays with her but Gretchen? Not as much. Rascal and Trixie kind of try on occasion but don’t seem to know how to play with a puppy. So I try to make time and get her to run and play but there is so much to do. She wants to play so much she was attacking the broom as I swept up sand, balancing back on her hind legs and then bouncing to the broom in two bounds.

I climbed up on the roof to take pictures of the five acres around the house. This way I can get a kind of aerial view of the garden areas and show what’s been done. I’ll download those later. I came in at 1:00 to fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it’s 1:30 now. Half an hour is long enough for lunch. I need to keep moving and take advantage the time I’m feeling good to get as much done as I can because I never know how long it will last. I’m getting pretty tired and this is the time when I often must nap but there’s no time for that now. See ya.

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