Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time flies

2/19/09 Thursday
Hard to believe it’s already the 19th. I’m making slow progress on the farm, painstakingly slow. I always think of things to write as I work out there but seldom remember them when I finally get to this laptop. Our new puppy, Ginger, is doing well and Rascal and Trixie play with her now. That’s good to see. We wish we had kept another puppy just so Ginger would have someone her age to play with but…

I’ve lots of pictures so when I get the chance will post them. They will help tell what’s going on.
These are the pictures I took from the roof showing all the area I've tilled and am starting to sow with rye. It took five pictures to get it all in. Click on them to enlarge and you can see the white posts which are the faucets we put in for irrigation.
The front area where we had planted apple trees last year is visible over the garage roof. Two of them lived and I'm anxious to see if they survived winter.

you can see the old school bus, which we want to make a vegetable stand. Several people have asked about buying it and I saw someone steal the thirty foot chain I bought to move it but couldn't get to him in time to catch him.
The procedure for planting rye is to spread the seed with a fertilizer spreader and then rake to cover as much as I can. The fertilizer spreader broke yesterday. I'll spread seed the old fashioned way by flinging it out by hand if I have to. With a tractor and the right implements for it this can be done in a couple of hours. I look forward to the day we have one. It'll mean a lot less pain for one thing but mostly it drastically will increase my productivity.

Gotta get to work.


Geo said...

Man, that West Texas dirt sure is red!

Bob said...

Yeah, and it's ground into a fine dust by the wind and gets into everything. Anything white, from clothes to even our dog's white fur gets stained by it. Sometimes that won't even come out through washing.

Anita said...

Can I come and take pictures of that old bus? I would love to have that my my West Texas Series.

Bob said...

Any time you want Anita. email me at