Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gotta love it

3/4/10 Thursday
Don’t ya just love kids? Of course children, being children, do childish things. Sometimes they intend to hurt but I’ve got to laugh. On the Thursday Feb 25 post someone had checked the “Funny” box and I wondered in the comment section what someone thought was funny about the dream I have for this farm. Whomever it was responded quickly that if there was a goofy box he/she would have checked it, and of course they did it anonymously. So I was feeling pissy and expressed my thoughts regarding the cowardice of hiding when you throw stones and understand now that calling them a coward, though true, wasn’t a Christlike thing to do. So what do they do? They went down and checked the funny boxes for a bunch of posts. Cracked me right up. Go for it dude. By the way, (I hesitate to say this as whomever might spoil his/her pants) if you check on the little box that displays how many people come and look at the blog it will take you to Statcounter. Statcounter is a service I use which tracks EVERY visitor, tells me what pages they look at, how long they look, where they are from, and records their IP address. So the reality is that no one is anonymous. I just don’t care enough to go through all the names and figure out who it was, though their going through all the posts and checking funny boxes would make it easy. You’re just not that important to me. I’ve got a big God who knows everything about everyone and He takes care of us. So what do I have to worry about? Only myself. I’m the only person who can get in the way of God’s plans and I’m careful not to do it, though I’m sure I slow things down and don’t always help. But too “anonymous”, I love you and am praying for you, that God’s hand touch your life. Like it says in the bible, “If God is for us, who can be against us”

We’re going to tear down a barn, or perhaps livestock shelter would be more accurate, next Tuesday. That is way down in Crane county, near where Alan is buying the mobile home we’ll move onto the farm for him to live in. Things are progressing wonderfully now. What a relief after last year. That was a hard year as I battled serious depression and struggled to do anything, plus my father died. Cherie, seeing how hard it was for me began praying I get some help, and look what happened. Alan was put in my path as I obeyed a nagging urgency to follow through regarding getting involved with Stepping Stone Ministry. See how that works? See how God puts things together? All of the serious doubts I’ve had, concerning even the existence of God, are being put to rest. What a wonder this all is to me, what a wonder my life is since the time I woke from the coma.

So now we pray for forgiveness and reconciliation with those I’ve offended in Stanton, now we pray for God’s hand to touch any hardness of heart that exists there. Actually I really don’t know if anyone has hardened their heart, just presume so and in that I am wrong. When I reached out to someone regarding this it was a most curious conversation. As we talked the individual leaned back in his chair and clapped his shoes together as he looked right at me. I didn’t know if he had itchy feet or what but when he did it again I asked about it. He quoted a scripture found in Mathew 10:14 that says to “Shake the dust off your feet” referring to how people should, or at least are, expressing their rejection of us. This happened four times durring our conversation as he expressed, something. I’m not sure what. When I mentioned that this instruction that Jesus gave to His disciples was specific for those who did not receive and rejected them, it didn’t seem to matter. It says “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town”. We didn’t reject any contact, in fact we eagerly sought conversation and relationship with anyone, so how twisted it is to use that scripture as a justification for what has happened. The primary problem seems to be the journal I keep on the blog, the record I have of my thoughts and perceptions of what did or did not happen. In this journal you will find the joy and acceptance we found in Midland. How I wanted, and still want, to write good things of those few here in Stanton. How I desire to tell the world of the love of Jesus and acceptance found here, and it’s my hope to someday do so. But this journal is simply that, a record of what happens in our life, and to the best of my ability the truth with nothing made up. We have met plenty of good people here and have been wonderfully blessed with great relationships so don’t get me wrong.

What I know is that God takes no pleasure in any division in the body of Christ, that the mainstay of Christianity is summed up in this “You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself”. Everything hinges on this so when there is discord it is definitely not what God desires and much of the teaching in the bible is specifically geared to resolving these things and encouraging people to get along and love one another. This is my desire and I was surprised at the resistance to accomplish it, or at least my perception of resistance. I don’t always see things as others do, but that’s why it’s good to talk, to clear the air.

The guys are working hard on the trees. It’s lunch time so I’ll take a break and then must work on the business plan information that UTPB asked for so they can proceed.


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This time I checked funny. Cause it is.

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