Monday, March 29, 2010

Identified flying objects

3/29/10 Monday
It’s predicted to get hot this week with 90 degrees forecast for Wednesday. I’ve enjoyed the cooler weather and am not looking forward to the heat at all, especially with all the work that needs to be done. Now that we’ve run out of cash the jobs before me have become daunting because it’s just me left to do it. I am grateful for the tons of work that we were able to accomplish when I could afford to pay for help but it’s frustrating to look at all there remains to be done. It’s frustrating for Alan as well for he enjoys working for me but can’t work for free. I know he’s been looking at other things he can do for a living. The truck hasn’t seemed to draw a lot of attention from potential buyers and selling it is what I’m counting on at this crucial time. The stock took a dive and Cherie is not keen on selling it. I respect her wishes regarding that and won’t consider selling it till it comes back up in value. But it’s a tight spot to be in because this is a crucial time where getting things planted must happen or it’s too late. Nature isn’t very forgiving.
(Click to enlarge) You can see the piece of steel roof in the fence a few feet from the rolling seat I use. Note how far the tires are scattered and that's just a few of them. There's more outside of the picture.

Speaking of nature, or whatever you call it, I had quite an experience Saturday. I was working on installing the drip irrigation for the wind break trees, which have already suffered from a lack of water, when I heard a sudden very loud racket. Looking up I saw that a dust devil was spinning right over the steel roofing we had taken all day to carefully stack and secure with tarp weighed down by tires and steel beams. It flung tires almost a hundred feet along with the fifty pound beams and two by twelve’s in addition to twenty or thirty steel roofing panels.

The miniature tornado was headed straight for me but veered to the right as I watched. A piece of flying steel coming my way was stopped by some wire fencing about ten feet from me as I held onto my hat watching. The dust devil went on it’s way and everything settled down, kind of. It was a windy day anyway with gusts reaching 60 mph so I rushed to secure things before they ended up in the farmers field next door. I had to do so carefully, watching in case some of the steel panels were flung at me as I stacked more on top in the wind.

(click to enlarge)
You can see in this picture how the steel beams smashed these saw horses and took out some fencing. Sure glad it didn’t get to me.

The old man just called and asked if I could do some work for him. I will despite all that needs to be done here for two reasons. First is that I like to serve, to help others, and second because we can use the extra cash. I still owe Alan for a weeks worth of work and he’s been gracious about it but I’m not comfortable with that. Right is right and I have no intention of taking advantage of him or anyone else for that matter. So it’s a balancing act between my integrity and needs. I choose integrity and know that God honors that. It’s not what you say that marks you as a man or Christian, it’s what you do that speaks out. I know a lot of “talkers” and have no intention of being numbered among them.

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