Saturday, March 06, 2010

Life here on the farm

3/6/10 Saturday
Time to catch up on life here at the farm and what God has been doing. Today I go for more of the Kairos prison ministry training in preparation to spend three days at one of the prison units talking to a select group of inmates. I’m excited and nervous about it. Not at all sure how well I will handle the stress and worried about having slowdowns while there. But I also know that with my history I can reach some who might otherwise be hard to reach. It is my belief that the only thing that has lasting value on this earth is the lives you touch so I will do this in accordance to that.

The guys got all the trees planted. They were astounded I had planted 90 of them by myself two years ago. Of course I didn’t do as good a job because I didn’t make the wire cages or put up the wood wind blocks, and that contributed to them not making it, that and drought and gophers. The trees cost about a hundred twenty dollars this time and between labor and hardware cloth I’ve got a little over a thousand dollars in getting them planted. We are so grateful that God has provided for us in this and look forward to His provision with the rest of the year. It won’t take long for the inheritance to be gone but it will be money well spent, laying foundations for this farm that will last. It is a great blessing for Alan and Mike, the new guy I just hired since Alan, to be able to work. Mike is 67 years old and also fresh out of prison so for him finding work would be a tough proposition. With me they found someone who has “been there” and has a deep understanding of the problems they face. When my funds run out I will regret greatly no longer being able to keep him employed despite the fact that I have plenty of work to be done. Mike understands that because I am careful to be up front and clear about things. Alan will be moving a mobile home to and living on the farm and instead of paying lot rent will do some work around here.

We’ll be tearing down what a lady called a “barn” Tuesday, providing the weather cooperates. It’s not really a barn but looks more like a livestock shelter but we can certainly use the parts around here. I was just telling Alan how we need to build a barn and Cherie found this on Craig’s list. More timely provision as far as I am concerned.

I went to the Kairos training today. Had to call Dave’s wife and ask where it was because, despite having been there two weeks ago, I couldn’t remember in the vaguest where the church was, or even what it’s name is. Nothing unusual about that, at least not for me. It’s a daily struggle I have, to remember things. Not like senior moments we all have and seem to have more often as we get older but serious memory loss like what church I went to, where it’s at, or even what it looks like. But I accept this as not only the consequences of the decisions I made but as the price of the gift of life I’ve been given.

Anyway, Kairos was a blessing. It’s great to see people from all kinds of different churches united for a cause. Catholics and Baptists sitting side by side and putting aside their differences, how refreshing that is. Plus ex convicts and businessmen fellowshipping and eating together without any judgmentalism at all. What a witness to the love of Christ that is and how pleasing to the Lord who died for us all I am sure it is. A far cry from the snide remarks I’ve had on this blog regarding who I am. It’s so good to find those who don’t just talk about Jesus but actually live it. Jesus quoted Isaiah 29.13 when He said “This people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine the precepts of men.” How I wish for them to return to the Lord in truth, how I pray for them.

Met a man at Kairos who manufactures bacteria. I know that sounds strange but here’s the deal, it’s bacteria that is used to clean up sewage waste spills and is also used in soil to enhance plants abilities to take up nutrients. He said it will help with the chloride build ups we have from the well water and will bring me some at the next Kairos meeting. Too cool, that’s a problem we’ve been worrying about and in fact have talked to extension agents and others about it.

It’s late and I’m tired so good night.


souldose said...

Wow your work is amazing and in a huge way I can relate to you. Please join my free website so we can chat live sometimes... I'm a bed bound very sick girl, I woke up after 6 years with amnesia and multiple disabilities... Please I'd love to talk to you

Bob said...

Cool, I looked at your site and bookmarked it. Remind me to visit as I forget things and don't want to forget.