Monday, March 21, 2011

It's important to eat, and hard times are coming

3/21/11 Monday
Monday’s just keep rolling around. It’s already 21 days into March. I’ve got lots of work to do, always. We bought some plants at Alderage greenhouse so I must get them in the ground. Will go through my seeds from last year and see what can still be planted. Got a truck load of horse manure Saturday, unloaded it Sunday, and was sure reminded that I’ve broken my back and neck three times, on top of being out of shape. As always, I will press on. Cherie’s happy to be able to take showers, we’re grateful for the help to make that happen. I’ve got lots of detail work to do in the bathroom, like laying tile and putting up trim and baseboards. Then there are income taxes to do and the business plan needs to not be forgotten again, so busy will be the order of the day for a while. On top of that we have the Kairos prison ministry weekend coming up at the end of April so there’s work to do for that. No time for frivolous stuff so internet will be neglected.

Today I have an appointment with the VA hospital in Big Spring, one I had to press them to get. Seems that they have been losing lots of doctors, I’ve had four that went elsewhere and then there was a waiting list to get one. I’ve been expressing my uncomfortability with the acetaminophen in my pain pills for four years now and the FDA finally issued an alert regarding how it damages the liver. Hopefully this doctor will listen to me. I’m taking a printout regarding the FDA alert with me.

Time to go. Need this farm producing because bad days are heading our way and being able to eat is important.

Just got back from the VA. Got a slow release pain pill and a quick release one for the moments of intense pain that come from when I work to hard. (which seems to be a lot more now that it’s warming up and I need to get the farm going) It would be so cool to be able to work a whole day without having to take a two hour break laying down flat on my back because I hurt so bad. Whether that happens or not we will have to wait and see. The VA appointment took four hours out of my day so there’s catchin up to do. Got tomatoes, peppers, oregano, and cilantro planted. Need to get the irrigation set up for them. Decided to go with an individual drip system on these plants instead of the drip tape, but that means more work.


Anonymous said...

When two of you are agreed upon anything you ask in prayer, believe you will recaive what you have prayed for ...' paraphrased

I agree with you Bob, as you go to the Doctor today and ask for new medication, and I agree the plans with the Va will come to a good result, in Jesus name we pray. amen.

Bob said...

Thanks, it worked as i've got new meds that don't have acetaminophen in them. Now lets pray for more rain.

G. HUBBARD said...

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