Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who scheduled this wind?

3/22/11 Tuesday
It’s scheduled to be a windy day today. Wish they would schedule some rain but I guess I’ll have to pray that in. Having a hard time getting going this morning. Wonder if it’s from the pain meds I took for the first time yesterday. We will watch how this stuff works carefully. I talked to the new doctor quite a bit. It’s nice to have someone who was born here and can communicate clearly as a doctor. Basically I have to train each new doctor, teach them about brain injury and the issues that come with it, because that isn’t clearly spelled out on the computer the doctors get their information from. I asked her for a pad and pen so I could take notes, explaining that when I left her office much of what she told me would be forgotten.

There’s always a lot to do and that is especially true at this time of the year on a farm. First step is for me to make a list of what needs doing so I can organize a bit. Not sure about this pain med as I am feeling awful sluggish. I don’t like pain but I don’t like being doped up either. Need clarity of mind, which is a rare thing as it is. Took the slow release stuff two hours ago.

Time to go.
There was a plant here yesterday. All gone now.

It’s 10:43. So far I’ve scrubbed out the dogs room with bleach, and while I had everything out, scrubbed the part of the living room floor that Rascal has occasionally used to relieve himself. There was a large dose of bleach in the water I used in order to kill the smells and any germs that might exist. One of the problems with the brain injury is my sense of smell is diminished. Last night, as we were preparing cereal to eat, Cherie said, “Smell this milk and see if it’s any good”. I smelled it, couldn’t detect anything, but knowing my sense of smell issues, handed the jug to Cherie, saying, you’d better check”. She took one whiff and I heard a loud “EEEEWWW”. I’m sure that in the days (Now thankfully past. We are grateful to those who helped) when we didn’t have a bath or even a sink in the bathroom, there were times I was a bit odiferous, but wouldn’t have a clue.

Some critter has already eaten the cilantro we planted, along with one of the two basil plants. The oregano is as of yet untouched. There was a tomato plant in the garage that we had gotten for the widow, to put in one of those upside down planters that are so popular now. I had it up on the work bench but the rats get up there all the time, so I suspect it was rats that ate part of that plant.

The tomatoes. Only two planted so far but we plan on about 30 more

In my studies of farming techniques, I’ve seen row covers that are used to protect plants from critters and birds. There are many versions of these and many sizes. One of these days, when God provides us the ability, we will incorporate these methodologies on this farm. We just barely can afford seed and plants for now and my creed “I do the best I can with what I’ve got” is definitely being practiced.

Haven’t made it out to the three tomato and four jalapeño plants I put out yesterday, so don’t know if they survived the night. The tomatoes are all planted in five gallon plastic buckets with the bottoms cut out, so that provides great protection from rabbits, as I doubt they will climb the sides of the buckets. If any of y’all have, or know where you can get, five gallon buckets, like the ones paint and all kinds of stuff come in, let me know. I could use a couple of hundred but will be happy to come by and pick up one while I’m in town anyway. They don’t have to be clean, but provide powerful protection from the wind and the sand it blows, along with critters.
Here's the four jalapeno pepper plants.

Gophers are active now. There’s lots of signs of their digging, with mounds showing up all over the place and our dogs digging trenches trying to get them. I’ve spent some time poking a steel rod into the earth to locate their tunnels, and when I do pouring poison in the holes. It’s hard because of the lack of rain that has made the soil like concrete. I’ll be able to plant potatoes or asparagus in the old bathtub we removed from the house as that will provide protection from the gophers tunneling under to get them. There was evidence of extensive gopher or mouse tunneling in the spice garden. Looks like they might have cleaned out the mint section as nothing is coming up there.

Pray with us for this farm. There is good money to be made, but it requires funds to make it. My vision for the place is clear, I know where to go and how to get there, but the ability is lacking.

11:15 – that’s it for my half hour break. I hear the wind picking up. Took a pain pill, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. No biggy, I’ll do what I always do, press on as long as I can.

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