Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Saw the VA man and that fight continues

3/9/11 Wednesday
This morning Cherie will take time off from work to go with me to the Texas Veteran’s rep, where we will work on our continuing appeal of the VA’s decision to seize our finds. It’s always frustrating to deal with some close minded bureaucrat in Minnesota, who doesn’t talk with you and whom we wonder if they even looked at the paperwork in depth. They sent back an answer stating we exaggerated our expenses for food and gas. Basically calling us liars when we have receipts. When I told our VA rep that we eat out twice a month he looked at what we spend a week on food and said “What do you do, walk outside your home and call that eating out?” I suppose the VA expects us to be eating cat food out of a can, something I’ve read about senior citizens having to do because their social security checks are so small. Since we had submitted our expenses prices have gone up dramatically. We live frugally and are blessed to own the house so there is no rent or car payments we have to make. They even hold that against us.

Meeting with the VA rep went well. He is certainly on board with us and is motivated to make things right. When we get a hearing in Waco, he volunteered to drive us down and pay for a hotel room at his expense. Quite a surprise, amazing actually. I wrote a four page letter to go with our appeal, that covers most of the issues and debates their points. Offered to give them several years worth of receipts to prove what it costs to live out here. Also requested a copy of all my VA records be sent to me, something I’d asked for at the VA hospital only to be told that the records could only be sent to the hospital, not me.

Still have to work on that tree. Only maybe halfway there and what’s left is the hard part, the uncomfortable and potentially troublesome areas. Really don’t want to damage Gary’s roof and that’s where it’s at. It’s a two man job and there is only me. At least there is not a lot of wind today so that will help. Will sharpen the chain saw before I take off. Sure wish I had a taller ladder so I wouldn’t have to climb any. Just need ten more feet and I could reach it all from the ladder.

Attended the Midland Ministerial Alliance meeting yesterday. It was a good time of fellowship and met some great people, including the new pastor for the parole department, a new position created by the state. He’s interested in the Kairos prison ministry as was another pastor or priest. Not sure what to call him as he had one of those white collars on and I’m not sure what denomination he’s with.

That’s it for now.

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