Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sold out

3/29/11 Tuesday
It’s a chilly day. The wind’s blowing out of the northeast and when I went out I could feel the mist of moisture that was in it. I prayed for rain despite the fact that no rain was in the forecast because the moisture is there. That moisture sure makes the cold go right to your bones.

I spent a lot of time yesterday repairing and putting in irrigation lines, along with distributing more manure to places it needs to go. Just touched the surface of what I need to do. With this cold I may not work outside this morning and plan on working more on the bathroom. I’m sure that Cherie showed me where she wants things like towel racks placed but I don’t remember so she will have to show me again. Not a big deal as there are shelves to build, tile to lay, and plenty of other things to do. The trim we bought for the window was pre painted but the paint obviously wasn’t high quality as it is peeling off the surface of the wood. I’ll have to scrape it off and paint over it. We bought the pre painted stuff because it was actually cheaper than the trim that was bare wood. Oh well.

Got paid what I consider to be the ultimate compliment yesterday. One of Cherie’s friends told her how blessed she was because I was sold out to God. I have my moments but if that is what people see on the outside of me that is a good thing. It’s a whole lot better than being seen in other lights.

I’m wearing my quilted flannel shirt to stay warm. My phone says it’s 46 degrees out and I don’t think it’s too far from that inside. Maybe I’ll actually fire up the wood stove for some heat. There’s still firewood laying next to it inside. I contemplated taking it back outside yesterday, thinking that we wouldn’t be needing a fire any more this year, but never got around to it. It’s going down to the high thirties tonight so I’ll probably fire it up for then.

Watching a story on the 700 club about a guy who had a motorcycle wreck and sustained a severe head trauma. Just like me he wasn’t expected to live but did. Watching this renews the understanding I have of the miracle my life is. I was declared dead, after no heart beat or anything for an extended period of time, like over a half hour. That in itself, the lack of blood to the brain, normally results in enough damage to permanently injure the brain to the point that there is only a vegetative state left. On top of that was the severe head trauma that destroyed ten percent of the brain, leaving big holes that show up in the MRI’s, and damage throughout the rest of the brain from it being shook violently like a bowl of jello. When I came out of the coma I was expected to be a vegetable, and they searched for a nursing home to put me in, where they figured I would lay bedridden, till I finally died. But God has different plans for me. Am I “sold out” to God? I just understand that my life, every breath I take, is a gift. I have difficulties and live with constant reminders of the consequences of decisions I made, but I am grateful for these reminders.

Here’s a thought on the “Sold out” to God concept. I’m not sure that sold out is the best way to describe where I am. Here’s the reality. I’ll start with the question that will be the title of one of the books I’m writing, “Do you really believe?” Really? A good part of America will say that they believe in God but I have to question that for many. If you really believe that God is God, and that we all will stand before the throne of judgment, why doesn’t your life show it? The reality is that if God is God and that the short time we live on this earth is just a prelude to eternity, then the only thing that matters is what we do that pleases Him. When we die we can take nothing with us, all the things we accumulate will be left behind. Do you really believe that you hold in your hands the gift of eternal life in heaven, that can be given to any who are willing to accept it? Do you believe? Show me by your life for what you do reveals what you truly believe.

Got work to do so bye now.


Anonymous said...

It's my idea, 'to be sold out to God', is when there is no doubt in heart or mind and we get up every morning knowing God is with me; and I am to live according to his instructions, and to be a shining light to all that see me, know me, and come into the arena with me. It is the 'power of being alive'. Not of myself. God is the source, of all good. We are to tell others. Our life is our story.

Which you do, Bob.

Courtney said...

Hello, you do not know me of course but I was searching for things on the interent about brain injuries, b/c a friend of my mother's, her son's wife (if you got all that hahaha)has fell and is in a coma right now, they are going to be putting a trach in her. I was worried that her signs of healing were not so good, so I wanted to research. They have 2 younger children that really need their mother to pull out of this one. She fell and hit her head in the kitchen about 2 or more weeks ago. Anyways, you story reached me, grabbed me in and took me to your blog. Here is where I began to rea your stories... the question is- are you in Midland, TX???? Well you see, I am a Midlander, you said you went to Aldridge gardens and thats in Midland- I felt as though if you were, that I would take a moment out and tell you about the lovely lady in a coma w/ head injury. You are blessed no matter what you hae been through God see's something we dont. You my friend- are a miracle walking. I hope that Mai (the woman in the coma) will be able to tell her children one day about her story as well!!!
Courtney Heineman of Midland, TX

Kairos said...

Courtney, I'll email you. Just saw this comment. I'm in Stanton, 20 minutes from Midland. Would like to offer all the hope, support, and prayer I can.

Bob said...

For some reason my comment had me listed as Kairos, one of the blogs I maintain for the prison ministry. But it was me. Just sent you an email courtney so get back with me if you can.

Bob said...

I got some emails from this post. Kind of strange asking if I was still in business and to call the sender to talk about "This". Presumed "this" was about God or brain injury, the two things I talked about. Sent reply emails with no response other than the person saying "I haven't heard from you". Now I suspect they googled "Sold out" and were spaming or something