Monday, April 23, 2012

Blinded by fun

4/20/12 Friday It’s the first full day of another Kairos. Yesterday we had a busy morning getting an oil pipeline marked and then meeting with Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services about a business plan. Then it was a rush to get to Lamesa for the initial kick off of the Kairos event. There are so many lives we see, that have been terribly disrupted by drugs, abuse, and a wide range of circumstances. One of the reasons I participate is I had taken so many wrong turns with my life that I can certainly relate with many of these men. The possibility that through my words or influence lives can be pointed in a direction that will permanently change them for a greater good. The reality is that I cannot change a life by myself but the simple act of pointing them to God opens the door for God to work miracles. There was no internet access at the house I stayed at for this Kairos. The owner of the house goes by the name "stretch", if I remember that right. He had a couch for me to sleep on but I was longer than the couch and it was too soft and cushy so I opted to sleep on the floor. He had a nice thick carpet so it wasn't bad. When he expressed concern for my comfort I explained that I had spent years sleeping on prison beds of many kinds and had wandered homeless with only a blanket to protect me on whatever stretch of ground I found to sleep on so the floor was great. Plus having broken my back and neck so many times a hard firm surface is much less painful than his soft couch would have been. We didn't get many chances to talk but when we did it was good conversation for sure. This is a man who has been very much involved in things of God, perhaps even a pastor but I am not sure. Every chance I get I talk to others about the days to come, about how things in this world seem to be so rapidly changing and heading for an ultimate and scary series of events. Many of those I talk with see the signs of the times, though to varying degrees. Few of them are informed or aware of what our government, and our president, has been doing. Most walk in the darkness provided, distracted by all the nonsense our media and world feeds us, with little thought given to the future in store. So many are occupied with making their money, with building their little kingdoms, and with filling their days with mindless entertainment that when those hard times come they will be totally surprised.

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