Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What does it cost you?

4/3/12 Tuesday
It’s been a busy month and now we are already into April. I’ve been working for Jim in Odessa for going on 7 weeks now. He came to me and said “I need some help making this truck”. We needed to earn some money and I am always eager to help a brother out so agreed to work for him. “How much do you want me to pay you?” Jim asked. I told him he could pay me whatever he felt was right. I did remind him that it was a 90 mile round trip to his shop and with my diesel truck only getting 14 miles to the gallon it cost me $25 each day I came to work. So I’ve been a welder, machinist, and painter for Jim, enduring great pain but not saying a word about it, other than requesting a lunch break so I can take my pain medication and get a half hour of rest.

Meantime I am way behind on so many other things. I requested Friday’s off so I can keep helping the widows we serve and take care of things on the farm. It turns out that I have not been able to keep up on those things so helping a brother has come with great sacrifice that wasn’t foreseen. As of this moment I have yet to get a single thing planted, with the exception of the strawberry plants we ordered. The nice tiller someone blessed us with is down. I think it burned a valve or something. Not surprising considering how much work it has done since we got it, I think three years ago.

I get out with the sun every morning to work on the farm. Lately my focus has been on getting the drip irrigation installed where we hope to plant melons. I used the old cultivator we picked up from Mary on the area I hope to have corn planted. It was the first time I had ever used one and in the process destroyed some of the drip irrigation lines that were buried there. I need to buy some new blades for it so will pray we find funds to do that. I had wanted the corn to be planted by now. With the tiller out of commission getting areas ready to plant will be harder. We should have tomatoes and peppers in by now but the funds for that haven’t appeared yet. All the money I make working for Jim go to pay bills and necessary items and there is none left over. There are some medical and dental needs we are asking God to help us cover as well.

The RV park project isn’t moving along very well. Part of the problem is my inability to remember and follow through on things. This frustrates me to no end. I suspect that many people think I am lazy or don’t care because I don’t get things done, choosing to not understand the struggles I have with this brain injury. The concept that I must be reminded of things like a little child is hard for many to grasp when they can see that I am fairly intelligent. I did finally get prices on septic systems and what it will take to get electricity run to the area. Finding a good source for Caliche hasn’t been done. My plan is to rent a back hoe to dig the septic system and a trencher for plumbing and underground electricity. I really don’t know if there are any backhoes available for rent.

We spent a great part of the weekend mowing lawns and weeds for the two sweet little old ladies we help, with Cherie visiting with them while I worked. I think the visiting is more appreciated than the work for in this day and age people seem to have little time to spend with others on a personal level. There are some who would suggest I should spend less time helping others out when my farm is being neglected. They don’t understand the priorities I maintain. I serve God by helping others. Jesus said we are to “Love our neighbor as we love ourselves” and true love is the one that comes with some sacrifice. The parable He told of the rich religious leader giving a chunk of money with lots of pomp and public display, versus the widow who only gave pennies, illustrates this well. He didn’t suffer at all from what he gave, didn’t cost him much for it was excess for him, but she gave all she had and it could well have cost her a meal or two. God looks at the degree of sacrifice involved with what we do. We know some who are happy to give their leftovers, what they were going to throw away anyway, and that is not wrong at all. But what does it cost you? There is the truth of the matter.

I have to leave for work soon. When I get home from working for Jim I generally sit down till the pain subsides, eat the dinner my lovely wife prepares, and then go work on the farm till it gets too dark to see.

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