Friday, February 27, 2009

2/26/09 Thursday
Cherie’s off to work and soon I will be. Actually I’ve been out raking the field for an hour. I’ll be going to help the old man in about a half hour. The first thing I’ll do over there is turn that pump on and see if the lines hold up. After three blowouts yesterday I decided to let the glue set up overnight before turning it on. I’m glad it was a warm day yesterday because I sure was soaked and covered in mud. It’ll hit 90 degrees today. I do great in the cold but the heat is tougher on me.

While out raking this morning I started to get lightheaded and realized I hadn’t taken my medicine so came in. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing at all but it gives me something to do while I lay down. Ginger puppy is growing fast and will be a beautiful dog when full grown. I love her eyes, which match her coat. I’ll post a picture here later. Gonna go online, check email, and post this entry. By then it will be time to go to the old man’s.
2/26/09 Friday
I can’t believe it’s 2:00 already. Just got back from returning a water sprinkler I bought yesterday. It’s a bigger one and I had high hopes of being able to reach a larger area with one sprinkler. That’s not how it worked. I don’t have enough water pressure to push it so until I get the additional pump set up I have to live with only being able to run two normal size sprinklers. When I run the drip irrigation I will probably only be able to water small zones one or two at a time. Matt has that problem as well. It makes getting that improvement done even more important.

I went to the landfill and picked up the mail, along with dropping off the electric bill payment this morning, so I got that done. Doesn’t seem like I’ve done a thing and there is tons to do. There’s lots of cleaning up for when the news reporter comes over among other things. Don’t have time to write much. Just came in to get something to drink and look at my to-do list.
6:29 – Cherie just came home from work. I had just pushed as far as I could go and was coming in to lay down and take the last pain pill for the day. I won’t take them after 7:00 because they keep me up. Maybe that was why I couldn’t get to sleep till about two in the morning last night. Because I’m working harder I hurt harder so take more pain pills. Don’t worry, I’m real careful about it and note each time I take one to insure I follow the prescription. I have to do that anyway because I can’t remember if I took a pill five minutes after I did so. There’s a potential danger there you know. I’m tired.

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