Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guaranteed to be a fight

2/16/10 Tuesday
Ok, I’m trying to keep up. After a week or so of trying I was finally able to make copies of one of Ron’s teachings. It was hard and triggered several slowdowns. Tomorrow I pick up Alan, my new and first employee. Got an email from Laura at DARS and it was disappointing and hopeful at the same time. Seems that because I am already “working” on our farm I don’t qualify as needing to find a job, therefore don’t meet their eligibility requirements for the help that had already been lined up. The couple who had been contacted and would have been contracted to help still want to do so on a volunteer or mentor basis. They are a good Christian couple that had told Cherie they prayed for her when she was trying to find the office. Laura sent some links for business plans that will help me and they are offering other services such as education and stuff. I’ll take all the help I can get and will keep plugging away no matter what. This is the way of things. In the battle of good and evil there are always obstacles thrown up by those forces that don’t wish to see anything good succeed. Yeah, I know, that’s a simplistic way of looking at things but my simple eyes see this going on all around me in the lives of everyone we meet. There are good people all over who have bad things happen to them. Some are led away into temptations that destroy the flesh and in that case good people sometimes become bad. I know I did at one point of my life and now strive to be good again.

Also we got a letter from the VA rejecting the payment arrangements for the $6500.00 they say I owe and demanding a much larger monthly payment. Of course, timing is everything.

By the way, the widow who had such a terrible time with her Met Life investment account has gotten a little relief. I called the manager of the branch and got some wheels turning that should help. They filed a complaint against the person who treated her so poorly and never explained what was going on. Seems that they had deposited someone else’s money in her account by accident. So they reinstated her monthly payment and will figure out how to fix it without causing her undo hardship. I’ll visit her later this week and go down there to confirm things. It helps to see that I was able to do some good, really does.

What else? I don’t know right now but there was a whole lot of stuff that happened today. It’s ten to nine and I’m tired, having a hard time staying awake. I’m up before the sun and by the time it goes down pretty worn out. They do a bible study at 8:00 pm at the Stepping Stone ministry and the director would like me to attend. I will just to get involved and meet the guys but might just start a morning bible study for them because I’m not worth much after the sun goes down. But in the morning I’m usually fresh and sharp so am able to think better and interact well with others.

Oh, I know what else I did today. I went to see Congressman Mike Conaway at the Stanton Senior Center. We talked after the public meeting where he entertained questions and explained part of what’s going on. I need to email some of his staff regarding the business concept as he wants to help where he can. Mike also asked me to send him some information regarding some issues I brought up so I need to make that important or I’ll forget.

There is an increasing sense of providence around me now, a sense that God has plans and needs me to push forward with them. It’s so strange to think this way. It used to drive me nuts when other people did that, you know “God this and God that” but here I am doing it. So just watch and see, or better yet get involved, because if it’s God things are going to happen and it’s guaranteed to be a fight.

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Amy said...

Bob, who is up the chain from the VA? Would your Congressman contact Mr. Conaway know of someone who could help you. Try your Congressman or Senator maybe, then move up the chain in the VA itself maybe. As a last resort I'd contact the media and the Office of the President. I LOVE contacting the Big Whigs. ;-) I get the most results when I contact the Governor's office. LOL

Something I learned when I worked for TxDOT was that you shouldn't give up. If you write enough lettrs to the same person they get tired of hearing from you and will eventually have someone handle the problem, just so you go away.