Monday, February 01, 2010

Yanking trees

2/1/10 Monday

Yesterday I started to yank young mesquite trees out of the ground. Unfortunately as I did the muffler fell off the tractor. I see that it had been “Southern Engineered” to fit. Looks like they used half a dozen welding rods to make the muffler fit in the first place. I pretty much expected to find such things as it was obvious someone had whipped things together in order to make it attractive at the auction. But that’s part of the reason I got the tractor for such a good price. It runs good and that’s what’s important. So I did some more “Southern Engineering” with bailing wire to put the muffler back on. I don’t expect it to stay but at least it’s quieter for now.

Today I hope to remove more of the mesquites. Want to do it while the ground is still wet from the rain because once it dries it’s like concrete. There is so much to do that it’s hard to decide what to tackle first. I must make copies of the little ole lady’s financial stuff and send it to the lawyer in Houston. It appears that I will be able to purchase a complete woodshop for what I think is a good price. When I heard the shop would have to be sold I gave the lady a good price with the idea that it would insure that others bidding on it would not be able to take advantage of the lady and steal it. I was surprised to hear they lost all interest and that my offer was accepted. Included in this is a Shopsmith machine which I suspect is worth the price by itself. There is a table saw, band saw, drill press, and a variety of hand tools included in this deal.

You can see two telephone poles I planted as corner supports for the garage extension. Doing that put me in bed for a while from the pain. Soon I'll be able to pay for some help with this stuff.

So now I must work to make a place for this equipment. I am becoming more aware that I need to build a barn now. It is essential for this farm. I already have plans to extend the garage and create a greenhouse on it’s south side. The money for this will come from selling the truck I bought in Michigan. At least I got it titled so after fixing some rust and other little things I’ll put it on the market. Actually I think I’ll put it up for sale now at a lower price as is and raise the price as things get fixed.

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