Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been a while

2/10/10 Wednesday
It’s 11:22 now and I’m taking a break. Haven’t posted on the blog since last Tuesday. Ron came that Wednesday and I will never be the same. I’ve been meaning to write in length about his visit and the impact it has had on me but every time I start too something comes up or I have a slow down. It’s like there’s a force that doesn’t want me to write about it. For that matter it seems that every time I try to focus and accomplish anything important, such as working on the sweet little old lady’s stuff or the business plans, things get hard. The headaches have been bad and the slowdowns severe enough that I am unable to think or function well. It’s been tough to be me lately. Even as I write I must push through a headache and find my level of cognizance diminished. And then the fatigue sets in, a common aftershock of slowdowns. It’s been cold lately so we have been burning wood for heat 24 hours a day. I have to wonder if the leaky wood burner contributes to that. Cherie’s had a lot of headaches too. Getting an airtight stove is high on my list and I keep waiting for the prices to drop as they often do this time of the year when spring approaches. Hasn’t happened yet, at least that I’ve found.

There is so much I need to do. I need help and have the funds to hire someone but need to organize myself enough to go find them. Already have an idea of where to look, at a ministry that helps those getting out of prison, but haven’t followed through on my phone call to the director. This difficulty following through drives me nuts and is a serious, and common, impediment that often comes with traumatic brain injuries. I always desire to help those who are disadvantaged and having been in prison before understand what those getting out face.

Meantime I need to get back at scanning the hundreds of pages of info that the widow gave me. Worked on it three hours yesterday and, not quite understanding, clicked a button to scan that ended up erasing all the work I’d done. With the slowdowns and headaches I had yesterday it was the icing on a very unpleasant cake. Cherie took one look at me when I met her for dinner and knew I wasn’t in good shape.

I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I fixed and am tired so may lay down for a few minutes to rest or refresh. First I must put another log on the fire. The gophers are active and making themselves known. Here you can see the trail of mounds they made along with where the dogs dig after them. Wish they could catch or scare away the gophers.

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