Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I stink, it's your problem! (how I used to think)

7/15/10 Thursday
11:00 – Been out planting, or at least that’s what I went outside to do. No seeds have actually made it into the ground yet. I untangled the drip hose that was rolled up in order for me to till the areas to be planted. Then I started laying the hose out but had to cut up some more coat hangers to make wire hold downs to keep the hose from blowing away. I looked at the seeds to be planted last night and discovered many of them will require trellises. That means I need to till and prepare beds over where I built the T-frames for this purpose. Some of the other seeds must wait till later in the year to be planted so they were put aside. I picked out four or five seeds to plant in the area already prepared. Reading the instructions on the back of the package I see the suggestion that the seeds be soaked for one or two hours before planting to insure or enhance germination. They are soaking now. While they soak I’ll go to work on the trellis area. I’m planting okra, garden peas, bush beans, and maybe some squashes. There are carrot seeds that interest me but I must re read what they require. It would be nice if I could remember what I’ve read and studied before, every year, but hasn’t happened yet.
This was a 7 foot tall weed with a 2+ inch thick stalk at the base. No wonder I break hoes. Almost went and got the axe or chain saw to get it.

Came in to take my 11:00 pain pill so that’s done. I’ll post this and get back out there. Will need to come in and clean up before to long for the meeting in Big Spring. Don’t want to go there all nasty and soaked with sweat. Cherie’s doing a good job of teaching me about little social things like that. My personal inclination is “I’m a farmer so if I stink that’s the way it is. If you don’t like it that’s your problem”. But I’m learning to be considerate of my public appearance and of what others think. Not terribly convenient but I suppose it makes life easier.

That’s it. There’s always work to do and the day is shortened by my need to run to Big Spring. While there I need to remember to stop at the VA and get a new ID card. Still haven’t gotten the new driver’s license yet. That should arrive in the mail next week. You watch, as soon as I get all this stuff replaced I’ll find the wallet. I wonder how much money is in it? Don’t have a clue and can’t remember, but I know money was tight so doubt there’s very much in it. What I miss the most is the piece of paper that had all the phone numbers in it. Can’t replace that.


Lisa said...

Enjoy reading your blog since stumbling on it the other day.
Take care and God Bless you and Cherie!

Bob said...

Thanks Lisa. I am amazed at how many people read the blog and always enjoy hearing from you. To me it's a boring journal of a not so boring life