Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Want to do everything, but can't

This morning's bird picture.

7/28/10 Wednesday
When the headache cleared yesterday I went to work. Kept at it till it was too dark to see. Had a Kairos meeting yesterday with the committee that I guess I’m on. We discussed ways to recruit new members for the ministry and I explained once again the potentials of having a blog dedicated to that. It appears that I will become the “writer” for this group, in effect reporting on the goings on with the goal of raising public awareness and participation in it.

I suggested we create a newsletter for our Kairos group, something to help us all keep up with what’s going on. I made the point that I am out of the loop, and the only way I find out about things is an occasional email from Dave. Evidently there had been someone who produced a newsletter but he had moved on to other parts so that stopped. The objection came up about the expense and inconvenience of stamps and envelops when it came to newsletters so I stated that my thought was to do this exclusively online. “Is there anyone in our Kairos who doesn’t have a computer and go online?” I asked to make the point. No one seemed to be aware of anyone who didn’t have access to the internet.

Many of our members are older and may not be terribly active online. I’m not young and certainly am technically challenged but found myself explaining the possibilities and power of the internet to them. I’m thinking a facebook page for our Kairos group would be good as well. The requirement in all of this is for people to talk with me, to let me know what’s happening so I could write about it. Many of these people talk to each other all the time on the phone and in person to keep up but being the new guy who lives in Stanton I’m out of the loop and get no calls. The potential issue though will be my ability to keep up and do all of this. I plan on creating the blog today but I plan on doing things every day that I don’t accomplish. I have the skills and ability to do a lot of things, I’m just can’t do everything I want to do because I want to do everything I see. When I had my companies I had the ability to accomplish so much by having and directing employees to perform a wide variety of duties. Right now it’s just me and I guess I need to remind myself of that. There is a day coming as we grow the farm that the resources will increase and with it the ability to accomplish our goals.

3:45 – I am so worn out. Came in an hour ago, or maybe two. Not sure anymore. Been working steadily. Went through two of the T shirts I wrap around my head to absorb sweat, they got so soaked sweat still ran down into my eyes. We got an oil check so I splurged and ate a hamburger at the drug store in Stanton. Laid down in front of the fan with a large ice tea to cool off as I went online with the laptop. Fell asleep while reading facebook pages. Still having to fight keeping my eyes open as I write this.

There’s supposed to be a 60% chance of rain today but I don’t see it. Sure would be nice and a lot of what I’m doing is with the hope we get some rain. Tana gave us two large packages of red poppy seeds she had. I looked them up online and they are the same red poppies that the VFW used during their fundraising. They don’t generally use them anymore because the petals fall off so quickly after they are picked. The reason they were used is that these flowers grow wild all over Europe and are known for growing in battlefields and places where soldiers were buried. They are considered an invasive weed in many places and reseed themselves quickly. I need something that acts as a ground cover and these may be ideal. Besides a field of bright red flowers would look better than the sticker grass and other weeds.

I need to run to Midland and pick up some dog food that Janie is giving to us as well as buy cat food. Just want to go to sleep instead. Took a pain pill. It would be nice if I could take some of the herbal medicine that is legal in fifteen states now. It helps the pain and paralysis a lot. When I get tired my right leg doesn’t work very well, making it awkward to move. I fell down twice while mowing the weeds.

WAKE UP BOB!!!! Just drifted off again. It’s already after 4:00 now. Need to make sure I drink a lot of water as I sweated a few gallons as I worked. Can’t remember what I did but know I worked hard. Think I’ll call Cherie and ask what kind of cat food I’m supposed to get.

First thing Cherie said is “Boy, you sound whipped”. No question that I’m tired then if Cherie can hear it in my voice. We decided to meet for dinner after she gets off work. There’s more I need to do around here. Perhaps after we eat and I rest a bit I’ll get a second wind. I usually do and go back at things till it gets dark. By then I’m pooped so odds are I won’t get much done on the business plan research or creating the blog for Kairos prison ministry.

Here’s a question for you oil people. What is this rig for? It looks like one of those drilling rigs used for drilling the relatively shallow wells for water. It’s set up across the street where they just drilled an oil well last month. Are they drilling for water? I keep seeing these announcements in the Martin County paper regarding salt water injection wells and they always give coordinates that mean nothing to me, don’t have a clue where they are. My concern is our ground water, that is already a mess and got that way in just the last few years.

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