Monday, July 12, 2010

There's work to do (Always)

7/12/10 Monday
No time to do a lot of writing this morning. There’s work to do and a busy day scheduled. The rain has stopped and the ground is quickly drying up so I’m under the gun to get seeds in the ground. I know there are still tons of weeds that need to be tackled but If I don’t plant seeds there is no hope of late summer/fall crops. The people who judge us based on how deplorable things look can go to…well I need to control those thoughts and not let it get to me. We try hard and do the best we can. I’d like to see some of those who talk keep up with me. Doubt many of them would despite not enduring the pain and fatigue I daily overcome. The hard part is the mental one, forgetting what I need to do and getting distracted so my original task remains undone while I work on something else I saw.

Anyway, time to get to work. It’s still only in the 70’s though will soon reach the ninety degree mark. There are a few phone calls on my written schedule to make so I will get them out of the way and get out there.

Spent 4 hours at the friends house. They left without letting me know so the last hour was spent sitting around wondering where they went and what to do. It was hot so I was soaked with sweat. It took a lot out of me. Wanted to go to work here on the farm but I have no energy left. Am physically weak so odds are I need to replenish electrolytes and certainly need water. I’m also in a real crappy mood. Dogs got yelled at more than once. Not a good end for the day. There’s work to do and I’m not up to doing it. Tomorrow I meet with Dave and Ken with the Kairos ministry. That’s right in the middle of the day so will once again keep me from getting things done.

Cherie rearranged the bedroom so the tv no longer sits on the tall dresser. Now we can only get two stations, the Christian one and channel two. Fox is no longer there. There goes that. Doesn’t help the mood any. Fox had some of the few shows that I could stand to watch. Ok, Fox comes in now after Cherie put tin foil on the antenna and fiddled with it.

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