Sunday, July 29, 2007

dead rabbit

7/29/07 Sunday
I guess I overdid it yesterday as the pain level is way up there this morning. Didn’t take a pain pill in our rush to get to church so that didn’t help. Despite the pain I sharpened up remarkably in Sunday school. Didn’t move around more than I had too but it was the usual thing, couldn’t sit to long or stand to long so I was always changing position. They had what they called “Fifth Sunday” today where there was no lesson. Instead they sung old hymns and had a brunch. Then everyone divided up into what they call Care Groups, which are small groups of three plus couples and individuals. This helps us get to know others on a closer basis and also the groups are what Wally called a first line of ministry where we would assist each other in times of need.

I need to help coordinate those who wish to help us. I was going to just give everyone everyone else’s phone number and have them all figure it out. Probably not a good idea. They all are busy so I can probably help with that.

I keep dozing off as I write so Cherie told me to take a nap so she doesn’t have to worry about the computer falling or something. I suppose I better do what she says.

The puppies kept going to the road despite getting in trouble so Cherie went out to see why. There’s a dead rabbit smashed flat. I’ll have to scrape it up later to remove this temptation.

Nap time

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