Monday, July 09, 2007

Trash is treasure

7/9/07 Monday
It’s 12:35 already. I’ve been out getting things done since 7:00. Right now I have to take a break. The heat sure does hit me. Slowed down. Running about a five on the bob scale. Had to look at the date on this computer to see what year it was. Got confused over whether it was 2006 or 2007. That hasn’t happened in a while. Used to be I would have to check to even see what day it was and often needed to recheck several times in a day. Right now I am exhausted so will take a nap. I went to the landfill and came back with a truck load of stuff including PVC pipe strapped on the top. I’m thinking of using that to make small greenhouses and protectors for the plants. I also found the remnants of a watering system that is like those you see in greenhouses. It’ll be cool if I can make something out of it. We had just bought material to replace the screens in the door that are damaged. Got the fiberglass cause the aluminum stuff cost twenty five bucks. There was a bunch of the aluminum screen at the landfill so I snagged that too. I picked up an old shop vac as well. If the motor works I can use it to blow air in the burn barrel. That ramps things up as far as how well it burns to the point the steel barrel begins to glow red. Other than that I picked up some more of the wire fencing I always find and three metal fence posts, the kind you drive in the ground. I came home and watered the front where the flowers and such are. Then I watered the peppers, tomatoes, herb garden (what little of it actually came up), and finally turned my attention to the apple trees. These got a generous dose of water as I went through them removing dead leaves and doing some light pruning. I need to go online and read again how to do that. After I read it five or so times and practice what I read I may be able to remember. So that’s what I can remember doing so far. Good morning folks. I know, it’s afternoon. I just say that a lot.
2:14 – Just got that light headed ears ringing signal a seizure is coming. Slowed down a little. Need to nap but can’t quit doing things. Looking up stuff on the net like the other blogs I like. Keep fading away with my eyes closing and almost going to sleep. Decided to check out this craig list Amy refers to a lot. Found a Kubota tractor for sale for $4,000. Has a mower with it, three point hitch, front end loader, and a PTO so it can do a lot around here. It’s a 2003 model with 98 hours of use. Looks like it was used to mow a lawn on a nice estate. It is not nearly as much tractor as we had looked at the other day but could be a good start. Something to think about. Probably ought to make myself quit and take a nap. I’m not good at quitting. Cherie just ran in to check mail.

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Jacob Da Jew said...

Hey bob,

We have this thing going around called a "meme" and it goes like this:

List the person who "tagged" with a link to his/her blog.

List 8 fun habits/ facts about yourself.

Tag 3-4 other people to continue the meme.

Sounds like fun ,eh?