Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Toughing it out

10/21/08 Tuesday
I got up and got going early. Picked up the trailer from Chuck and Lillian and went to get straw and manure from the old man. That took three trips and there is more to get. Unfortunately I am having a slowdown now, it’s 2:30. The dogs escaped from the kennel again despite all the work I put into making it secure. They discovered that I didn’t wire it down on the back side and actually moved the entire kennel over to take advantage of that. I didn’t wire it because it was against the fence so I figured it would be secure. Damn dogs are smarter than I am. I should lay down now but there is too much to do so will tough it out.


Amy E said...

I understand the dog situation. We have two Rotts that we bought in April as puppies. They are (were) about 8 months old now. We also have a 2 year old Rott.

Well, one of the 8 month old escaped and was hit by a car in front of the farm. The other is chained when we are not there, but still manages to get lose. She is a wanderer. It is only a matter of time before an area farmer shoots her. She is very aggressive and will attack ANY stranger. The 2 year old is a sweet heart and stays in one place all of the time.

We may have to end up shooting the 8 month old ourselves or having her put down. She has failed obedience training, and is too aggressive and feisty for me. She has knocked me down several times, and I can't have that....These last two puppies are the WORST Rotts we have ever had.

All of our Rotts have been great, except these last two (sisters), must be genetics.

I know how much you like your dogs, so hopefully you can find a way to corral them before they get hurt.

Bob Westbrook said...

we're working on it but will probably give up Gretchen as she is the wanderer and leads the others astray. A bad Rott is a dangerous Rott and it only gets worse with age. I'd unload.

The dogs came back to our relief.

Amy E said...

Glad the dogs came back...

Yes, we are to the point of having Duchess (young Rott) put down, she is basically useless. I think she might be mentally ill. She's never been abused that I know of, we got her when she was 6 weeks old, and was aggressive then, but we put it down to puppy playfulness. It's just not cute now, she's gone after my nephew and his four year old son...really need to get her to the vet to put her down, before DH decides to shoot her himself. The funny thing she is she's sweetness and light with us, but strangers, nope. I mean that's what we want her for - protection and security, but she gets loose and wanders, and that's the dangerous part.

No matter how much we work with her she refuses to obey or come when called. Plus, attacking people when we are there, is over the top. We have bred and trained Rottweilers for 20 years and have never encountered this problem. I am suspecting that the breeder we purchased her from has been line breeding their dogs, or breeding for aggressiveness.

Well, thanks for letting me go on and on about it...hope ya'll are having a good day!