Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Kairos

4/18/11 Monday
Boy, I’m tired. Thursday I headed out for Lamesa, where we were having a 4 day Kairos event at the Smith prison unit. I’d never done one here before, only have been involved with Kairos down in Fort Stockton, where I’ve participated in two event so far. Fort Stockton is something like a two and a half hour drive away so the hour drive to Lamesa was nice in comparison. Before I headed to Lamesa I pushed to get the tomato plants in but only got about half of them planted. Here I was thinking I’d bought about a hundred tomato plants and come to find out it was two hundred and twenty five of them. I do a lot better these days, when it comes to the issues that come with the brain injury, but every now and then there are these little surprises that show up. I went out to buy a hundred plants, thought I bought a hundred plants, knew there were twenty five plants to a flat, and knew I bought nine flats, but somewhere in the process it didn’t quite compute in my brain. I get surprised by myself on a regular basis.

They had changed the location where we were to meet but being the new guy meant I was not in the loop and informed of that. Fortunately someone at the Methodist Church was aware of where the group had been moved to and was able to give me directions. I was a few minutes late but there was plenty of time to spare so I didn’t miss anything. This whole thing had come up with a conversation I had with Randy at the church we attend, when he mentioned they might be shorthanded. I said I’d be glad to help out and a few days before it began I got a call from the guy in charge, asking if I’d like to go. “Sure” I replied and he gave me the info on where and when to meet, along with asking if I’d do one of the talks. So I’d never met any of them, thus we were all strangers to each other. But I was welcomed in and soon began to make friends.

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