Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The fight continues

3/12/13 Tuesday
It’s another day of another week. Tried to get the lawnmower started yesterday and the cable broke. That poor lawnmower is about worn out anyway. Lost count of how many blades I wore out on it, mowing till there was not much left of them. If I remember right the spark plug kept fouling from the oil that gets into the cylinder. I have another lawnmower but it doesn’t have a catcher for the grass clippings and we make use of those clippings for the farm. If we come up with some spare cash I would like to buy a grass catcher for it.

Weeds are growing everywhere and I need to get the mower going to mow them down. Gophers are also active, moving into new areas and causing more damage. Perhaps I can devise something to hook up to the exhaust of the truck and use that to gas the gophers out. We have to do something and this is just one item of a long list. So the fight continues.

There was a delay on the RV park property and old store. The company that was to do the title search seems to have gotten confused and the person working on it said she was told to hand it to someone else and someone else didn’t get it until I called to inquire. Meantime the owner of the property is anxious to sell, along with having others who want to buy it. The title company just called and said there is a discrepancy between the property descriptions from when the previous owner bought it and then sold it to the man I am purchasing it from so that has to be clarified. Nothing is easy these days.

It is time to start planting and there is lots of work to do for that. I read about how the Indians used to plant their gardens and will try doing some of it that way. They planted corn first in groups called hills. When the corn was a foot tall they would plant beans that climb, what are called pole beans. The beans would use the corn for support and also supply nitrogen for the corn. Then they would plant squash that would provide ground cover and reduce the growth of weeds. Sounds good to me so will give it a shot. It’s a whole lot different from doing it in rows.

The tomato area needs totally revamped. The T-posts I put up need to be supported as they could not handle the weight of the tomatoes. Plus, because of the gophers, I must replace all the five gallon buckets that had their bottoms cut out with buckets that still have bottoms in them. This way the gophers can’t tunnel in and eat the roots as they did before. All of this will require a ton of work and redoing the drip irrigation.

Meantime I work to focus on what is important. What is most important to me is understanding what is important to God. I know that God desires for me to provide for my wife and that is why we are pursuing this RV park and old store but what is most important to God is bringing others to know about God’s love for them and that their sins have been forgiven, but they must submit to God to receive that. I could build the biggest RV park in the world but that would do me no good if I do nothing for others. There are two commandments and everything is based on them. Love the Lord with all your heart mind soul and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Either I really believe or I just play at being a Christian. It is one or the other. Can’t be both. In Revelations Jesus said “I wish that you were either hot or cold but you are lukewarm and because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth”. The early church got it. They would sell their land and use the proceeds to help those who were poor and in need. They understood that we all will die and then face eternity. Death you cannot escape from and judgment is inevitable too. In describing that Jesus said “I was sick and you visited me, hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me water, in prison and you came to see me. The righteous will reply and say “When did we do that for you?” and Jesus replies “when you did it to the least of those I love, you did it to me” (bob paraphrase from Mathew 25 starting at vs. 30)

The RV park would provide badly needed income but mostly would be a channel I can use to tell others about the love of God. There are many visitors to this area, people coming to look for jobs. Plus there are many who already live here but are not accepted by some area churches. I hear this every week at the jail and it is sad to hear from those who went to church looking for God but found a not very welcoming atmosphere. These are the ones I want to reach out to.

Also there are the books I must write. Seems that when I sit down to write things come up, distractions always. I must be more disciplined about this. Time is wasting so must get busy. Cya next time.

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