Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/24/06 Sunday

9/25/06 Monday

9/26/06 Tuesday
Didn’t realize it has been basically three days since I wrote in this journal. I thought I did yesterday but no. I’ve been trying to figure out the electric brakes as far as how to wire it and hook it up. This morning I scrubbed the floor in both the kitchen and bathroom as well as vacuumed. This is spurred by my hearing Cherie wash the dishes last night. That’s something I should have done but didn’t. I can’t deal with multiple things to figure out well so I am just going to focus on the trailer. Think I’ll go on line and learn about electric trailer brakes.

Enough of that. Too much too look at and I can tell it will take up hours of my time searching through it all so I’ll just take it somewhere and pay someone who knows what they’re doing to do it. First I’ll have to either grease or replace the bearings and seals to put the wheels back on. I’m not sure on some of the bearings it they are good or not. That’s a shame because I used to know how to judge this. Hard to believe I was trained to be a crew chief on a B-52. Time to get the phone book out and look for a trailer brake person.

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