Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not a cloud in the sky

9/21/06 Thursday
It was 37 degrees this morning and the high is expected to just reach 60. There isn’t a cloud in the sky so the sun will help. I just got off the phone with Virginia. Called her about the check to see if she mailed it or not. She said it went in the mail Tuesday so I expect it should get here today, at least I hope so. She had mailed some paperwork and Lee’s death certificate in a large manila envelop a week or so ago and it came back with a note on it that was hard to read though it did mention a PO box. We have been having a string of new mailmen so perhaps one didn’t want to run the envelop up the stairs to our apartment. I know it won’t fit in the mailbox we have. It’s going to get rainy and not to nice weather-wise starting tomorrow so I want to get as much done on the trailer as I can today. If the check gets here that will help.

Here are some pictures of the trailer. As you can see there is a lot of rust. I am going to fiberglass this whole area so that will make the top secure. Hate to have it blow off going down the highway at 80 MPH.

I had to cut a groove in this center board because the center metal strip is higher than the rest causing the board to rock back and forth.

That took a bit. Would have been much easier with a router but at least I had this Japanese chisel with my woodcarving tools. It's one of the best chisels you can get.

These are the metal panels that will go on the sides. Two days ago I tried to install them but it was mission impossible. Each one weighs about seventy pounds and I needed to hold one up in place while I drilled a hole and then put the screw in. I tried for a couple of hours but quit when I dropped the panel just missing my foot. That would have taken a few toes off it it hit.

I'll be doing allot of painting today and need to get moving.
The check didn’t come. Virginia sent it and some other documents in another manila envelop. I didn’t catch the mailman so I hope he will not send it back like before. I talked to another mailman I saw as I was going to pick up Wayne. He suggested we leave a note on our mailbox to let our mailman know he can leave it at the door. That’s a good idea if I can remember to tell Cherie or do it myself.

Wayne called and asked if I can take him to get some food. I was glad to do so despite being in a crappy mood. I don’t know why but I am having a hard time keeping going. Everything is tired. Walking is like climbing stairs and stairs leave me taking a breather when I reach the top. It’s been like this all day long.

I got some stuff done on the trailer but just a fraction of what I should have. Cherie just came home from work. She got off early. Right now she is shopping and will pick up something for dinner. I am not doing well. Got a headache and can’t think straight. I think it’s time to lay down.


Nate~ said...
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Nate~ said...

this weekend I am going to be free somewhat, tomorrow evening me and jeremy are somewhat free, if you need a hand with getting the steel hung just let me know, I have 18 volt cordless drills and a box of self drilling/tapping screws or I can weld them in with my new welder

Bob said...

Thanks Nate, I'll probably take you up on that. Still need tires, one on the trailer went flat so it's not going anywhere.