Monday, September 04, 2006

Great weather

Quote of the day – “Don’t make him mad. He’ll just break things”
Question of the day – Why should someone be afraid in their own home?

9/4/06 Monday
Didn’t write a thing in this journal about yesterday. It was busy for both of us. Cherie packed her heart out and I stared at the trailer allot, occasionally deciding how to do something and start doing it. Then I would get distracted and start doing another job on the trailer till I got back on track. Of course I had to run to the store a couple of times. All in all I mounted the brake lights and took the side lights off. The brake lights aren’t even wired in yet.

We did take a load of the boxes Cherie had packed to the storage unit. After that we planned on picking up a quick bite to eat and getting back to work. Being close by we stopped in to see mom and dad. I also wanted to see if Nate was around and talk to him the trailer. Didn’t stay long, hadn’t planned on it. Mom and dad were looking up where fireworks displays were going to be. I suppose they were planning to go. Hope they weren’t upset about us not staying long.

We came back home and resumed our labors. Cherie packed again and I stared at the trailer. Had to remember where I had left off and what in the hell I had in mind. As with most things I started the process of figuring out what to do and how to do it, again weighing the pros and cons. That’s the frustration of a short term memory, always starting over again.

Cherie would come out now and then, bringing me a much welcomed cold pop and just checking on me. She is so thoughtful. As is usual we had many of our “I love you so much” moments. Still newlyweds I guess but I don’t think it will ever wear off. I am sure we will get settled into a routine but we’ll always be in love. Beside that we laugh, and laugh, and love life, living a life we love. It’s got other lives we’ve had beat all to hell.

Well, I’ve made a batch of bacon and eggs and poured dishwater. Cherie is out shopping. Seems we took all our winter clothes to Texas. They had been packed up in the spring for storage till winter so, being bagged up were easy to throw in the truck.
Gonna hit the shower and see if I can get the wiring done on the trailer. Hopefully this brain will work better than yesterday.

Online now. Checked the blog and see someone from Big Spring visited again. I wonder if my brother has come to visit Delmer there as he occasionally does. I wish I was where I could check on the house to make sure it’s all right. There were some storms down there a few days ago and Cherie pulled up some pictures of some wind damage.

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