Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The sun came out

9/19/06 Tuesday
(That’s as far as I got with yesterday’s entry)

9/20/06 Wednesday
The sun came out so it may get dry enough for me to work on the trailer. Also it was in the forties this morning and is to only get up to 60 degrees today. Paint doesn’t work as well that cold. There was water in all the grooves of the trailer siding so I couldn’t paint at all yesterday. I went shopping to buy some screws and stuff but also to price out fiberglass and other things I will need to finish this trailer. Still waiting for the check to come from Virginia so I can get what I need. I’m going to buy some sanding discs at Harbor Freight and use the grinder polisher I got to sand where I need to fiberglass down to the metal. At least it’ll be ready when I can buy the fiberglass and stuff. If I don’t catch the mailman I’ll have to wait till Cherie comes home to see if the check came. If it doesn’t I’ll call Virginia to see what’s going on. Hate to bug her but this should have been finished long ago. The beeper just went off reminding me I have laundry going and need to check on it so got to go.

I’m back. Lets see, it was about 10:00 when I wrote the last paragraph and it is 2:14 now. I just came in to take a break from the trailer and found the coffee I poured earlier out of the pot I had just brewed. It is still lukewarm thanks to the insulated mug I put it in. The coffee maker was left on so the condition of what’s left is suspect. These are typical Bob moments and today has been filled with them. I’m doing laundry and using the timer to remind me to change loads as I do. It beeped so I went down and transferred the jeans to the dryer. Nuts, I don’t have enough change so I go back upstairs to get some quarters. I thought to reset the timer so did it right away before I got distracted. Then I got distracted. Don’t remember what I started doing but Cherie came home for lunch. That’s a distraction I always love. We talked about money, Oh yeah! I got a hundred dollar hvlp paint sprayer on sale for $36. Cherie checked to make sure our finances were OK and the timer went off.

Ooops…I came up to get change forty five minutes ago and still didn’t even put the quarters in my pocket. The jeans have been sitting in the dryer ever since I put them there. Cherie laughed when I explained why the timer was beeping and I ran downstairs to get the laundry before I forget. Multiply that by a hundred and you get a picture of a typical day. No, not really typical. Most days are better than that but when I have lots on my mind and have to make decisions I get scattered. There’s been allot of that the last four days.

I missed the mail man so don’t know if the check got here yet. Cherie has the key to the mailbox so I can’t go check it. I suppose I should get a snack. I scrambled some eggs earlier so ate. That makes Cherie happy cause she gets upset when I keep forgetting to eat. I actually felt hunger earlier but that’s gone now. There has been a resurgence of the attenuation of my senses. I was in a big store (Can’t remember which one) when my sense of smell spiked up. All of a sudden I could smell every little thing and distinguish them from each other. It’s overwhelming when this happens, especially if there are lots of bad smells. I suppose it is similar to what a dog or other animals can detect though not as much. Anyway, this hasn’t happened in a while but it didn’t last long.

I’m gonna grab a bite and get back to work on the trailer.

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