Friday, September 29, 2006

Sunny but cold day

9/29/06 Friday
It’s a beautiful but cold day. Was in the mid to high 30’s this morning. There are only a few wisps of cloud in the sky so there is plenty of sun to help warm things up. Yesterday I spent a lot of time getting things I need for the trailer. I was pretty slow most of the day so making basic decisions was difficult. I went to several stores and would walk around looking at things with the hope I will see something I needed. Much of the time was spent just figuring out what to do and how. While at Lowe’s I ran into Nate and Jeremy. It was embarrassing because I don’t like interacting when I am slow and I feel stupid. Nate asked some questions and made a suggestion or two that I can’t remember right now. I wasn’t able to really answer his questions well because I would loose my train of thought with every little distraction. Nate did answer a question I had about how to wire the brakes.

12:37 – Cherie just left to head back to work. She is a bit discombobulated with all the thoughts and emotions that go with this big move. It is hard to believe we leave in about two weeks. I have been working on getting the wheels reinstalled on the trailer. I spent a couple of hours getting a metal ring in good enough shape to hold a seal. It was something that had been made years ago to fix a problem on the axle. Over the years it came loose and rubbed against the bearing causing much damage. I had to carefully file ridges down and then started sanding with 240 grit paper. I worked up to 1000 grit so it should work. Right now I will run to the store and find an adhesive that will hold the ring in place.


ByronB said...

Coo! 2 weeks to go - woohoo!

Bob said...

Hey Byron. You know, if you ever come to the states you're more than welcome to come out and visit us at the farm. Of course chances are I'll put you to work.

ByronB said...

Lol! I might enjoy that!