Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another nice day

4/14/09 Tuesday
It’s gonna be another nice day. I got a lot done yesterday despite having a slowdown. Unfortunately picking up the manure hurt a lot. That’s because it was all soaked by the rain and thus weighed ten times more than when dry. Plus I had to lift the tongue of the trailer while it still had a load on. Dumb and I knew it but had to do so in order to put it back on the hitch on the truck.

Today will be a busy one. It’s my normal go to Midland and poop scoop day, when I try to get as much done in that city as I can. In addition to poop scooping I will go to Genelle’s and help her clean out her garage along with anything else she might need done. For those of you who may not know, Genelle just had knee replacement surgery so can’t get around well. I also want to visit with my friend Don. He is going to have his ankle rebuilt, I think on Thursday. This is a fearful time when the outcome of the surgery is unsure because Don’s diabetic and that means his body has a harder time healing than most. I understand how thoughts can roll around in your mind as you contemplate the potential worst case scenario. It can be hard to control these thoughts as trepidation rises. These are the times it is good to have others to talk to. Others who can help keep you positive and not focused on what “might” happen. I don’t know if Don is having this problem, just know it’s not uncommon.

I got a lot of the wiring in the garage done but still have a ways to go. In addition to getting the seed starting station set up I’ve also run wires to the two fluorescent light fixtures that were installed in the ceiling but not hooked up. Plus I started installing electric outlets along the north wall of the garage. It will be nice to not have the whole garage wired with extension cords running hither and dither, hanging down from the rafters wherever I needed it.

If having more equipment is a sign of a better farmer then I am making progress. I have a tractor and now a farm jack. That’s what they call this five foot tall monster. It can lift 7000 pounds. When I saw it on sale at Harbor Freight I decided it would be a wise purchase. For one thing it’s about the only way I’d have to change a tire on the tractor. Those tires are on their last legs as it is. Plus it will be great for pulling those metal fence posts out of the ground. Before I’d have to dig them out by hand. I need to get implements for the tractor so am keeping my eyes open for that. It’s nice to have the tractor and I’ve used the front end loader but without a plow or other things it’s designed to pull it can’t be utilized to its fullest. Little by little things are coming together. With more mechanical equipment I’ll need the tools to work them. I’ve got lots of hand tools but they are smaller ones that work great on cars and lawnmowers. The tractor requires bigger stuff for some areas. A welder and cutting torch are on the long list of things to get. That can be used to modify or fabricate things needed around here.

Times a’wastin so got to go.

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