Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sandstorm level wind

4/9/09 Thursday
The wind is howling at sandstorm level. I tried to cover the air conditioner to prevent getting another half inch of sand coming into the house and coating everything. Just getting the big garbage bag on was a struggle. I had to press my chest against it as the wind rushed in, trying to blow it away. After a while I was finally successful. Had it all tucked in as best as I could but knew I’d be lucky if it stayed up. Walked into the bedroom and heard a loud pop. The bag didn’t blow off the air conditioner, it inflated and blew a hole to release the pressure. I’ll try something else but don’t have much hope.

There’s no way I’m working outside in this. I’ll work in the garage to run electrical wiring to where the seed starting area will be. Then I suppose I’ll continue working on the old man’s wood sculpture. Rascal and Trixie aren’t too keen about being outside so I let them in. The other two have found sheltered spots to hide in. I’m real tired, more than usual and earlier that usual to.

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