Monday, April 06, 2009

didn't want to eat sand

4/5/09 Sunday
The wind came earlier than predicted so after walking out to the tractor I just walked back. Wasn’t interested in eating and breathing that much sand. I mostly worked on stuff in the garage including Paco. (the wood sculpture I’m restoring for the old man) After trying to sand and making some scrapers designed to fit the curves I figured it would be better and easier to take my woodcarving tools and carefully follow the existing cuts, shaving minute amounts of wood to get to where it’s not so dry rotted.

Today I’m going to church without Cherie for she’s working the Old Sorehead Days festival from 11:00 to 3:00. Wally has a bunch of wood for me from something he took apart so I’ll take Cherie’s truck to pick it up. She’s not excited about having to drive mine to work but her truck doesn’t have a cap so can do a better job.

I guess a cold front blew in last night. I hardly slept at all. Partly from how cold it was and the noise of the wind.

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