Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well, it blew

4/2/09 Thursday
Well, it blew. It blew all night long and is still blowing now. I thought that I’d see tons of debris scattered over the farmers field across the highway but there wasn’t a thing, unless of course you count the big roll of wire fencing you see here. This is the second time the wind has been powerful enough to move one of these heavy rolls of wire across the road. The rest of the debris is miles away now. Someone somewhere down the road woke up to find pieces of my greenhouse along with part of it’s contents. In it’s fickle way the wind carried a bunch of planting pots and even one of the Styrofoam egg cartons around the corner of the garage and placed them carefully in a pile in front of the garage door. There’s lots of other damage too be found I’m sure. I know that many of the wood fencing panels have been tossed around.

What's left of the greenhouse. I guess there's pretty much nothing left.

It’s pretty cold out and in right now. We had removed the plastic bag we had on the inside of the air conditioner but that was a mistake. Now the wind just blows in and brought a bunch of sand with it. We have small sand dunes in the back room along with a fine coating on everything. That includes Cherie’s sewing stuff. Not good. Of course there is sand on every window ledge along with any other place air could creep in.

At least the tractor didn’t blow away. I’ll have to start tearing into it soon. I can smell gas when I walk by so checked and found a leak. That’s top of the list for things to fix as the last thing I want is for it to catch fire and the gas tank to blow, especially because it’s located right in front of me on the top. I’ll go online to buy a service manual pretty soon, as long as I remember to do it. The air filter is an oil bath type and the regular oil filter doesn’t regular at all. It’s a huge thing that sticks straight out of the side of the engine block. I don’t know what kind of oil is recommended or lots of other stuff. Nate turned me on to a website/forum that’s a bunch of tractor collectors and enthusiasts. That will be good to join as I can ask questions of people who know the right answers.

The wooden fence panel you see is exactly where the wind put it. There are more panels and some sheets of plywood that just aren't here anymore.

The wind is to slow down to a mere ten to twenty mile per hour speed so that will make things more bearable when I go out. Especially when I pick up things that are wide and catch the wind. I’ve had this rip items from my hands and flat out blow me over. A slower wind means I don’t have to eat as much sand while out there as well.

I didn’t get much sleep so am tired. Not anxious to go outside right now so will stay under the covers and keep warm. That means I’ll probably nap for a bit.

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