Wednesday, April 08, 2009

start of another day

4/8/09 Wednesday
Well it’s the start of another day. Cherie’s truck is done. I have some opinions about the shop owner and how he squirmed out of any blame but will keep them to myself. It’s hard for me to do that. There is always a lot to do and always a lot I should have done by now. First on my list of things to do is to buy the gasket maker I need to finish repairing the gas leak on the tractor. While in Midland to get it I will also buy some Sudan seed and check on fertilizer prices. I will need to keep motivating myself because of the depression. Last night I had lots of dreams involving my fall into madness. These are triggered I’m sure by the news of my son’s newborn child.

The wind is coming back according to the weatherman. Tomorrow they are predicting thirty to forty mph winds with gusts reaching far above that. If it comes from the opposite direction of last time I might end up getting some of my debris back. I might not post much, just don’t feel like talking to anyone, want to be alone. Cherie is the exception to that but I’m a bit short about things. Not good. Bye.

I’ve heard stories of tornados driving two by fours through brick walls but this caught me by surprise. The high winds, clocked at 80 mph by Cap Rock Energy (Our electric company) drove this lightweight piece of dried up tumble weed through the wall of my drip tape. You can see how big of a leak it caused.

I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and writing, my way of talking to the world, probably will help. Sorry about whining folks.

I got the gas leak on the tractor fixed. Had to give it a jump to start it and drove it around the outside edge of the five acres to see how it went. It went like the old used machine it is. We’re ordering the shop manual for it online. I found all kinds of southern engineering on it, like a plastic tie wrap holding the throttle spring. I’ll have to fix that cause it will no doubt break just when I don’t want it to. The tires don’t have long to live. I found chunks of rubber coming lose and there are cracks that go down to the belts. Pretty dry rotted. I wonder how much tractor tires cost. I also wonder if you can get used tractor tires. Now is when you start seeing what you didn’t see when you were looking at it to buy. There’s a pretty bad leak on one of the hydraulic cylinders of the loader. It’s a fixer upper you know. My first tractor. I don’t even know what all the handles and stuff do yet. Another adventure.

I’m worn out. Don’t know all that I did but I stayed busy. Bought three hundred pounds of fertilizer but when they went to get it they found out that they only had a couple of bags left so I’ll have to go back when they get another delivery.

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