Friday, April 24, 2009

Another wonderful day

4/24/09 Friday
It looks like another wonderful day. Why is it wonderful? I’m up, dressed, and ate breakfast and it’s just a little after 8:00. After Cherie leaves for work I usually go online to check my email and sometimes write in this journal and post on the blog. Going online is one of the biggest time wasters I have. I have to practice self discipline to avoid parts of the internet that aren’t very healthy to visit. That’s a constant battle in the mind. The bible says to “Take every thought captive” and that requires some serious discipline. With my paranoia regarding what people think of me, what they say about me, and worrying about what I said or did that would offend them, it’s important to be able to recognize what is reasonable and what’s not. If I dwell on these fears they just become worse so forcing myself to think of other things or focus on positive things is how I fight this. The bible also says “Whatever is pure, whatever is holy, whatever is just, think on these things”. (That’s a bob paraphrase) So I take charge of my thoughts. That can be hard to do.

They had this "Pulling rig" (I think that's what they are called) working on our oil well the other day. I guess that's done regularly as they were out here last year too.

I visited my friend, Don, yesterday. I think I mentioned him before but can’t rely on my memory. Don’s bones had collapsed in his ankle. There is an infection in his bones down there and that can be deadly, especially for a diabetic. He had surgery to rebuild it but it will be a while before they can determine if it was successful or not. Lift him up in your prayers if you could. It’s hard to know what to say in these circumstances, at least it is for me. So I just visited, let him know I was there for him and would help any way I could. His wife, Cynthia, has a lot on her shoulders with all this so needs some support too.

Yesterday Aldridge Nursery had a big sale. Cherie was excited about going and looking forward to it but I dampened her spirits when I asked her to not get much because I was still working to get what we bought Saturday planted. I hated to do it but the fact is I’m overwhelmed as it is. Like her I get excited about fixing up our home, doing landscaping and other things to make things look good, but getting crops in the ground is more important as that will provide income. In the end Cherie decided not to go to the sale. I feel bad about it but there is wisdom there as we need to keep priorities in order.

The wind does fascinating stuff. I wondered why the burn barrel was tilting over so bad so went and looked. The wind dug everything out around and even under it about ten inches deep.

Today I hope to finish getting those flowers planted. I’ve come a long way and got most of the drip irrigation stuff in. The last big part of this project is to put some fencing up to keep the dogs out. I’d hoped for Tommie’s help with this but he’s not inclined for good reason, that would be his hernia. I don’t think he understands there is no heavy lifting, I just need another set of hands to hold things up as I fasten them in place. I’ll do it by myself because it must be done. It’s not going to be too hard, just awkward. Holding the fence in one hand as I try to drive a stake with the other as I hold it in place with my feet or knees. I’m sure that would make a good video. Wish me luck.

So time’s a-wastin. Got to go.

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