Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Typical for me

4/22/09 Wednesday
It’s 12:14 and time I’m supposed to eat lunch. I might do that or might not. It’s one of those days. I’m a little slow, about a five on the bob scale. Let me try and give you a glimpse of a typical day for me. Mind you some are much better but this is not unusual.

This morning Cherie and I talked about what I need to do, as we usually do. I determined that I would focus on finishing the front flower beds. I’m partway through putting in the drip irrigation, having dug about half of the trench. I fixed breakfast after checking my email and seeing how many visited the blog. I made a point of seeing how many and what pictures were downloaded. That always fascinates me. With breakfast eaten I headed out the door with the intention of getting my gloves, grabbing the trenching shovel, and getting to work. Seeing the dogs food bowl was empty I went back in and filled it. Then I went again to get my gloves out of the garage.

Since that time I’ve watered the plants that are still in the pots, watered the lilies and tulips I planted the other day, changed out the broken hand sprayer with one of the new ones I bought, watered the apple trees and herbs we have in the back, and did a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t quite remember. Little things like picking up broken glass or tools left out and forgotten. During all this I remember heading back to the garage to get my gloves and get back on the task of digging that trench at least three times. Each time something would catch my eye and I’d be off.

I don’t think I got to the gloves till around 10:30. Then I think I just carried them with me for a while before getting the shovel. I went out back to grab the hoe I’ve cut down to fit in the trenches and remember stopping out in the fields and wondering why I was there. Then I remember, I was getting the hoe. Walked right past it with my thoughts at the elsewhere I often travel to. I do this often, all day long on the bad ones. When Cherie and I got back together we would jump in the car and head out. I’d usually drive. By the time I pulled out the parking lot I’d forget where we were going and have to ask Cherie which way to turn all the while trying to remember where we were going. Then there was the embarrassing “Where are we going?” I’m a lot better now but it’s still an issue. I often refer to it as “Wandering around lost”. I bounce from thing to thing like a pin ball in one of the old games you hardly see anymore.

So I might or might not eat lunch. I intend to but can’t make any promises. Cherie sometimes calls me to make sure I eat. Right now it feels good to be inside. Yesterday I got the air conditioner up and running. Can’t think of much else I did but that was the important one. I always feel good when I complete a task and right now I’m enjoying the benefits. My pain level is pretty high, mostly from digging the rest of the trench. I took a pain pill an hour ago but it isn’t doing much good. That’s a problem with opiate pain killers, you build up a tolerance so they become less effective over time. Then they prescribe stronger doses, and it goes on and on. Doesn’t matter, the pain will subside as I lay here so I can go back out to work in a little bit.

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