Monday, April 19, 2010


4/16/10 Friday
The rain has stopped, finally. Now I must wait till things become a little less muddy before I get out and take advantage of the wetness. This will help me pull up some of the mesquite trees and also to compact some pathways I’m making. In addition to that I will sow as much of the Bermuda grass as I can and will probably have to resow some areas because the seed washed away. With the ground wet it will be easier to dig more post holes so I might mark out where we want to build a barn and chicken house for the telephone poles that will be a big part of those. It’s a shame Alan isn’t here anymore cause I sure could use the help. Guess I should go to the Stepping Stone ministry and see if there’s anyone there who would like to work.

I’ll be going to the prayer luncheon at the HeBrew coffee house this afternoon and need to leave in a few minutes. Ron Charles is coming back to town next week

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