Monday, April 05, 2010

pictures of Westbrook Farms happenings

Hi guys, it's gonna be a ninety degree days so I don't have time to write as I want to get as much work done as I can before it gets too hot. But I know that more people visit this blog on Monday than any other day so for you regulars who like to keep up with things here's a bunch of pictures. The first one is of 80 bucks worth of plants we bought. Many of the seeds we planted haven't come up due to the well water having gotten so bad so we're forced to buy plants already started.

That means I must rush to prepare beds to plant them in. This shows one of the T frames we built where we will be growing "vertically" according to the Mitleider system I'll be incorporating this year. Just imagine tomato plants climbing up twine that will be attached to high tensile wire strung through the ends of these frames.

Here I am burying water line that will feed the drip tape that runs down each row

Our mint has exploded, enthusiastically growing like crazy. We'll be potting lots of this for sale at the farmers market. I know there's lots of people who will enjoy having a mint plant handy that they can just pull some leaves off for their tea or even water. Plus it smells great to have growing around the house. Check out how it's even growing out of the sides of these railroad ties. Some plants aren't as affected by the well water and evidently mints are included.

Alan did decide to move his mobile home to the farm, where he will be a resident, and God willing, a big part of this business. It's such a blessing just to have someone to talk with and work with out here. Helps me greatly just figuring out what to do and having another set of hands enables me to perform tasks that previously I couldn't do by myself. So this picture shows where I'm making a road he can drive to his home on. We're carving this place out little by little as God brings things together.

This picture reveals one of the problems we must overcome. You can just see the remains of a plant that had sprouted in the depression made as a bird yanked at it to pull the seed out of the ground to eat. All along the rows there is evidence of the birds as they destroy so much work we've done. Eventually we will be able to buy or build row covers to protect our plants from the birds and even insects. When the plants are maturing we already know that birds will be feeding off of them, attacking the fruits of our labors. That's the way it is, farming is learning to cooperate with nature and combating it at the same time. As it is with many things the ability to do a good job depends on our ability to obtain the tools and resources needed. Time, God, friends, and hard work will eventually enable us to put it all together. Till then it's a battle we sometimes are unable to win, but I'll keep fighting it anyway.

Speaking of friends, we were in desperate need of more filing space as we had outgrown what we had and there are papers stacked all over the place in complete disarray. When we asked our friends if they would be willing to sell us a file cabinet or two they gave us this nice lateral. It's a perfect fit for the office and meshes nicely with the desk unit that I bought way back in Toledo before we ever moved here. So here's a big thank you guys. You bless us.

That's it, there's work to do so gotta go.

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