Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going to prison

4/28/10 Wednesday
We’ve been busy. Got a load of railroad ties yesterday and today Mike and I laid them out where two of the raised beds will go. First I had to work to level the ground out. That meant firing up the Massey Ferguson and wrestling with it to get it to go where I wanted. It took a while to get things done marginally well and then we unloaded and stacked railroad ties.

4/29/10 Thursday
This morning the pain level is high, an expected result of moving all those railroad ties. As we worked yesterday Mike kept asking “Did you move all these by yourself? How did you do that?” referring to the raised beds I’d made last year and the telephone poles put in as fence posts along with the two fifteen foot posts I installed at the end of the garage. I explained that I would move things a few inches at a time until it got done and dragged some of them with the truck and a chain. Some stuff took days to get done and required rest till the pain went down. Mike kept worrying about me hurting my back as we worked together carrying the railroad ties so I told him “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be ok”. Carrying loads will strengthen my muscles and help keep me strong as the years go by, thus enhancing my quality of life when I hit the 60’s (as in over 60 years old, an age I one time never expected to reach but now plan for.
Cherie's rose bush.
We set the alarm for 5:00 this morning to get up and ready for the Kairos prison ministry trip. This is not going to be convenient as far as timing goes for there is so much to do that is at a critical time regarding the farm. I am already overwhelmed and behind schedule, but this is something that will help others and placing others needs before your own is a principle I try to practice.

The trip will last 4 days, a big chunk out of my schedule. I just decided to take this laptop with me so hope to have internet access in Fort Stockton. Got to get dressed and ready to leave. For those of you who pray, remember me during this event as we go into the prison to work with the inmates.

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