Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures tell the story

It's windy again. I have Mike from the halfway house working for me today. Was going to have two guys working but Cherie looked at our finances and informed me that wasn't smart as we've gone through most of the stock money already. Nuts, there's so much to do. I'm tired but that's nothing new. Work till it gets dark and I can't do any more. It's already 2:00 and I don't want to spend a lot of time writing so I'll post pictures. Organizing and playing with this so that descriptions end up near the pictures is a time consuming pain so I'll post descriptions and let you figure it out. The first picture is of a Tohoca daisy or something like that. Cherie says that's the name and they are growing wild all over here so she asked if I could transplant some near the house, which I did.

The second picture shows the disc I bought for fifty bucks and why it was so cheap. Many of the bearings wore right through the steel and some of the disc's themselves are broken and need to be welded. I bought a cheap welder at harbor freight but doubt it's up to the job. Trying to save money might have just wasted it.

Third picture shows where I tilled in the area where cantaloupes were planted last year and probably again this year. You can't see it but there is drip irrigation installed for about fifty yards. Next I must make hills around each dripper with compost and other good stuff and then plant seeds.

This picture shows how I must relearn what I learned the year before. That lesson would be that the drip tape must be buried deep underneath the row. I know I experienced this last year, the rain and wind exposing and blowing away the tape, but wasn't able to remember so I repeated last years mistakes. Now I must go back through the rows and rework them all to bury the tape. Would have been easier to remember but that's part of living with a brain injury.

The mint and other things in the herb garden are going crazy. Just booming up there in growth. Tomorrow I plan on getting another batch of railroad ties and Mike and I will build a bunch more of the raised beds. These will go in the area we have strawberries growing now and many of them will become strawberry beds but there are plenty of other things we can put in as well.

Speaking of strawberries, look at these. I picked the whole bowls worth yesterday. They are tasty, way more flavor than what you can get at the store. Oh they might not be as big but the flavor is big.

I used the plow to dig these furrows on the ridge where our windbreak trees are. This way I am able to bury the drip tape deeper as a permanent installation. The sunflower seeds I ordered to grow on this ridge just came in today. After Mike levels the dirt off and covers the tape we will sow more Bermuda grass. Picture in your mind all of this covered in nice green grass and you can catch a glimpse of my vision for the farm. Time to get to work.

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sjprice75 said...

Can you make notes on a dry erase board or something similar about the drip tape and other things as you remember them? Then next year before you start planting you can save yourself the trouble? I suggested a larger board in addition to your blog because that would be something you and Cherie would both be looking at. Just wondering.