Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Met people, Pushing through

4/20/10 Tuesday
Went to a public meeting that had representatives from several state and federal agencies dedicated to rural and agricultural development. It was good from the standpoint of the people I connected with because I learned only a few things I didn’t already know. But it’s people that are the key to our obtaining the help needed to pursue the dream. Unfortunately I can feel a slowdown coming right now. It’s 1:43. I want to process and record what was said at the meeting but fear it will be lost because of another seizure.

I had planned on going to Midland this morning to dig up and take home all the pecan tree seedlings I wanted but received notification of the meeting last night. I’m sure I can get the trees at a later date. Discovered why the wheel was wobbling on my tractor. Seems that three of the six bolts holding in on had worked their way loose and fallen out. That’s a lot better than having a wheel bearing fail. Tractor Supply didn’t have the bolts in stock so I got them at the John Deere dealer in Stanton this morning after the meeting. As much as I want to get those trees I am pressed to finish disking the five acres because the sun is out and the ground will dry quickly. At least I can run the tractor during a slowdown. When the slowdown/seizures are bad I won’t drive my truck, especially in traffic in Midland, but the tractor is slow, steady, and uneventful (most of the time) so doesn’t require quick thought or action so is safe. I can feel this damn thing coming on hard so it might be a bad one. Will push through no matter what, like I usually do. Got a headache rising up as well. So it’s an attack for sure. Thinking’s getting hard. What was I going to do? Got to get diesel for tractor. Better get moving or I’ll get lost. This sucks. But I’m blessed despite it. Hope it doesn’t last long.

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